On receiving the payment

Hello everyone:) just joined here. I have listed my house in airbnb but i hadnt set a payment method or my credit card information. I have a booking that was made(instant book) when i hadnt set the payment yet…the guests will arrive in 3 weeks. What will happen? Will i receive my money ?

You will not receive any funds without a bank account of some type set up in your account. No reason for a credit card however, since you are expecting income. You aren’t paying for lodging.

Im sorry probably i didnt express myself the right way…if i set a payment method now, that they have already made the booking(the booking was completed 4 days ago) , will i receive the money?

Three weeks is a long time. I can’t imagine that your payment would be delayed. However, I doubt that there is a way to know if the account has been ‘pinged’ before your reservation. Payments are generally initiated the morning after the guests arrive. If you don’t get an automated email that day, contact AirBNB to see what the delay is.

You don’t get paid until after the guest’s checkin, which you say is in 3 weeks time. An email will notify you of the payment.

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