On payout methodddd!

hello guys.
I have listed my house in airbnb and my payout method its international wire. taking an example, if i were to receive 100 dollars, how would the cost of international wire be aprox? is it best to use western union?(these two are the only 2 options allowed in my country!!!_)
thank you

You have created at least three threads now about your payout issues. Do you know how to find the responses that people have left for you?

@Redina_Allushi ?

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Was about to post: another thread asking the same question that no-one but @Redina_Allushi’s bank can answer.

@anon67190644 people have not said anything that comes close to my problem, they all give opinions but none of them has an actual experience ! Problem is still unclear.

@Zandra bank says they have no idea.

i am sorry you guys that i am being so pushy, and i am sorry that this bothers you so much but since i thought that this is a forum, and i did not get someone who shared some similar experience i would post again! is this bothering you so much? I can remove it if someone has a problem with it :slight_smile:

@Redina_Allushi. I don’t think anyone thinks any of these things. But, we don’t live in Albania, so it is impossible to KNOW what your costs would be for completing a wire transfer. Your bank might be able to give you a fairly, close estimate.

Generally, when using an internet forum, it is considered polite to ADD to an existing thread for additional information about a particular topic; not start a new one.

I was simply concerned that you hadn’t been able to find the responses that you had already received.

@Redina_Allushi the reason people are giving opinions is because they don’t know. If your bank profess not to know then all you can do is ‘suck it and see’. Sorry but that’s the best you’re going to get at the moment.

Maybe have a look on Facebook or on the Airbnb community and see if you can connect with any local hosts who can speak from experience.

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well thank you then :slight_smile: Its my first time on something like airbnb and I just want to be sure about some stuff, at least what to expect. Albania is a really small country and the bank said they are in charge only for a special rate and the conv. rate and since no one was able to get me at least an aprox answer i thought i would find here someone who had a personal experience.
anyways couldnt find that.
but thank you for all the other answers.

I get wire transfers from France to USA and I pay an incoming fee of $15 charged by my bank. There are also outgoing wire transfer fees so it can add up. I don’t know why your bank can’t tell you as these fees are posted on my bank’s website. Don’t know anything about Albania though.

Here’s a link to an article on wire transfers

How much will I pay to send money to Albania?
Say that you want to send $1,000 to your sister, who’s traveling around Tirana for the summer. You might find that your bank doesn’t send money to Albania. Exploring alternatives, here’s what you’d pay for a bank account transfer with a big-name provider and an independent money transfer specialist like Ria.

Big-name transfer provider Online money transfer specialist
Exchange rate 1 USD = 123 ALL 1 USD = 125 ALL
Transfer fee $25 $5
Transfer speed 4 business days In minutes
Transfer options Cash pickup Cash pickup
Total ALL received
123,000 ALL 125,000 ALL
With an independent money transfer service, you’d save $20 on the transfer fee alone. And with a stronger exchange rate, you’d get 2,000 more Albanian leks to your sister for cash pickup in minutes flat. That’s one happy sibling.

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THANK YOU so much @Maggieroni you were very helpful
all the best :slight_smile:

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