Omg i hate airbnb right now

that is all.

How many minutes can i spend on hold, how many times can i explain my problem, how many ways can i say the same things OVER AND OVER.


thanks for ruining my night, yet again…

I feel you. For real man. What’s up, if I may ask?


Ugh. No matter what I did, my decline on one guest would not go through, causing my other potential guest I had been communicating with to become completely frustrated with the whole process because she couldn’t book, and then her validation would not go through either, and it was just a circus of getting Airbnb to do anything at all about anything at all.

Guy on the phone sounded like he’d heard it alllll day. I mean, what’s the point of having an app that doesn’t work? That’s nice that it works on my computer and all, but on a Friday night hanging out with friends, I’d really rather press a screen on my phone for two seconds, or even the iPad (all of which failed) than go to the office and boot up my pc.

It probably didn’t help on the phone that it was midnight and I’d already had a few, lol.

I’ve had a bunch of messages not go through lately, either. I told the nice lad that as well and he said “we’re working on it.” Sigh.

RIGHT? Certain features aren’t available in the app? Really? Come on people!

The app completely SUCKS A$$. I had to uninstall it from my iPad, because every time I’d try to use the (relatively functional) mobile site on the iPad, it would just bounce itself over to the iPad app. Rude!

OH, hey, you’re trying to do that one thing? Why don’t you come over here instead. You didn’t want to? OOPS.
Oh wait, and now you can’t do that one thing? SORRY BOUT THAT.

Argh. FAIL.

Yeah, I tried to reply to a review via the ap… No go.