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OMG -- I got a request from one of Sandy's former (and seemingly difficult) guests!

So I got a request today, clicked on the prospective guest’s one review (which sounded carefully worded) and I slowly realized that it was written by Sandy. (who rents several rooms in her beautiful 18th C home in upstate NY and who seems to have left this forum.)

I’m just reeling from the coincidence. The kicker is that her review tells me in a highly coded manner that Peter was demanding and hard to please (although she starts off saying he was a great guest). I’m noticing that he didn’t leave her a review at all and guessing he had issues. How unbelievable of a coincidence is that – what are the odds?

I’m wondering if I should reject the inquiry given her coded critique.

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Wow, I often think of Sandy and hope she’s well…


Listing indicates that they might be selling the property… I really hope she’s doing great. I had never seen the listing before (and don’t think she ever publicly listed it on here) so I find the coincidence pretty mind-boggling!

She has managed to help me out, even in absentia – I declined Peter M’s request!

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Wow, that is interesting. I bet you could write her a PM and it would still ding her email? You could ask about the guest. But yes, huge coincidence!

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When I was going to New orleans I was searching for a room and found one close to French quarter. I did not rent it because reviews said that it was not clean with lots of dust around. I ended up staying in Hyatt and then Hiltton as they had a huge sale that weekend.
When I came back there was a host on this forum from New Orleans who mentioned that her guests complain non stop on how dusty her place is and there is nothing she can do about it. She also says she is near French quarter and mentioned that she works full time and very busy. Everything matched what I read in reviews about her. I am sure it’s the same person

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I miss Sandy. She did give some great advice sometimes.

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Here’s another coincidence. My worst ever guest was called Peter M!

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Well, what’s the text of the review?

Would you be comfortable showing the link? I love that part of New York and have always wanted to stop by her place - but when she left the forum she had chosen me as a target and it was awful, really awful. However, I still appreciate who she is as a total person and would love to hear if she is well. I think she - like me - depended on this forum heavily for some friendly and helpful banter - a little escape from all the work of life, when life is to busy to allow for a lot of time speaking with supportive friends -


Sandy left before I joined but I’d been reading for a couple of months and I still see her posts in older topics. She was a great asset here and I too hope that she’s doing well.

She gave really good advise and I would have loved to visit her place just by the way she took pride in her linens and her décor. I hope she is well and maybe they just went to airbnb burnout since she got a lot of really picky or rude guests.

To be honest I don’t think I could have done homesharing like most of the hosts do with private rooms, I work from home and like my privacy. thankfully even though my studio is next door I only greet the guest and when they are coming and going.

Chicago host you were smart to decline if that was Sarah’s place.

I thought about it but I don’t want to bug her and suck her back into the forum, particularly if stepping away meant less aggravation in her life. She also seemed to value her privacy so I’ll leave it alone.

This guest (from upstate NY) has a daughter who lives around the corner which is why he requested my apt. Maybe all our paths on this forum will cross in one way or another if we do this long enough, LOL!


Very good points, Chicago…

Tis an increasingly smaller world we live in!

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You can always report the host to Air. A tactfully worded message to the NOLA host, from you as a host, explaining that you’ve seen both sides of the “problem”, may or may not help. Suggest that IF the NOLA host is “too busy” to provide clean accommodations for guests, perhaps she should get out of the business.

You did? How do you know who it is?

That would be great! Maybe at Airbnb Open in Los Angeles this coming November?! :sunny: :slightly_smiling:

Happy Hosting – Lia

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