OMG, how NOT to respond to 4* revie

Just came across this host response and thought this forum might enjoy a chuckle:


Writing nazi here … 'definately? Should of…?

And oh my goodness, I just saw it was in Nottingham. The UK is letting me down :wink:


Wow, this response just comes outta left field, doesn’t it? I bet those people won’t repeat stay now!

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Perhaps a mini break is in order for this host…my diagnosis::crazy_face: PTHD “Post traumatic host disorder”


On another topic, I find it strange when hosts respond to private feedback. I have seen other hosts do this. Almost feels like they don’t understand the public can’t read it.


Hosts responding to private feedback is a red flag for me to not stay with that host. If nothing else it tells me that host doesn’t know much about how the platform works and if that’s the case I can probably find a better listing.


I’ve had three 4 star reviews and out of those, one of the woman (who took up 2 hours of my time chatting JUST the bloody evening before all about how pleased she was that I was such a direct person🤨) started out her private feedback with " I think all I said was just between you and me and not public… "

it’s ok, these days it’s just Nottingham :slight_smile:

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I agree that responding to private feedback like this is a sign they haven’t figured out the platform.

The other version hasn’t figured out how to manage their emotional response to unfair reviews, writing a detailed, rambling, page-long dissertation of a reply entitled “You Suck: 100 things I should have written in my original review”.

And their original review of the guest was milquetoast, mentioning no issue. They assume other hosts can see the lack of enthusiasm between the lines, invalidating the need to communicate with the written word. :joy:

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Love the passive aggressive vibe about the early Sunday phone call lol

I used to do it sometimes. The tension builds up behind your eyeballs and you need to release it. Somehow. A friend who read my reviews told me it made me look like a nutter so I stopped doing it. Now I don’t check stars.


I fully understand the frustration from hosts when getting 4* reviews. For me , I got 4* just because I had nespresso machine and not a coffee maker. When I asked him for more details on his private feedback, he told us that also windows require more cleaning, hence the reason for the 4*. I decided to ignore such guests - No matter what you do for them, nothing will make them happy.

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