Older guests norms?

I had an older couple arrive today. They weren’t great about communicating before they arrived but did tell me they would get an arrival time as the date got closer. about 11 on the day that they arrived I sent them a message and asked if they knew their arrival time yet (my check in time is 4 pm on). they responded by telling me they are 20 minutes away and want to check in as soon as they get there. Not possible for me because I was at work. they were OK about that but as soon as I could it ran home and left the key so they could check and shovel hours early. I asked that they send me a message letting me know they had gotten in. They did but immediately asked what’s my Wi-Fi and password. There’s an instruction sheet laying on the table and also one on the fridge which included Wi-Fi information. Next morning, they sent an urgent message asking how to turn on the hot water Dash seriously, the answer is turned it off to the left. Another question, how do you make the water switch from the tub to the shower. Pull up on the knob that’s on the faucet. they sent “lol” messages after I answered their inquiry, then added, “you need to put these things in your instructuon sheet. lol” I will go ahead and do so, but are all older guests like this? if I had not been by my phone whenever they were ready to take a shower, they would’ve never figured out they needed to turn the knob to make the water hot or pull up the button to make the shower work. makes me leary about hosting older guests.

Of course not…


What is older in your opinion? Over 30? Over 70?


older is people over 55. have had great luck with teens, 20-50, but i worry about not being available for emergenices for guests that i dont anticipate their needs.

I have had older guests who were needy and older guests who were self-sufficient. I’ve had young guests who were needy and young guests who were self-sufficient. The need for hand holding is the person not the age.


@silvercannonca – let’s watch that age-ist prejudice there – I’m almost 70, and “older” are those blue-haired biddies! Older folks are 'way less likely to trash your place, wipe makeup onto $60 towels, leave blood and other body fluids on your sheets, and breaks things.

Rule #1 of Air Hosting – Guests don’t read, and may not be able to see things that are obvious to you.

Not everyone has been around the world and seen every possible appliance, heater, AC, faucet, etc. Things that you have are not universally available or common. If you don’t show people in person, they’re gonna ask questions; some of which may seem outlandish to you – that’s part of doing business as an Air Host.

You would have saved yourself a bunch of grief, if, after their first call, you told them to read your House Book.

I won’t rent to teens – not really legal to do so. We get everything else from 20-somethings to 80-somethings and have absolutely no problems with any of them.


That is an ageist prejudice. Everyone who has gotten makeup on my towels, pillowcases and sheets has been over 40. The only person who left blood on my sheets was a man who had crashed one of our bicycles. He didn’t like the feel of a Band-aid so he slept with his cut uncovered. He was over 40.

I truly don’t believe that a guest’s age tells you anything about their cleanliness or self-sufficiency.

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How many ‘older’ guests have you hosted? Have they all behaved like this?
Have all your non ‘older’ guests followed all the instructions, figured everything out etc?

I will concede that on average older people are less likely to use modern Internet technology, so some of the issues arise from some of them not comfortable using the web, mobile apps etc. But I don’t think we can stretch that to any further generalization.

In your case, it was obvious they would cause you a bunch of trouble when they didn’t tell you about their arrival.
Why did you wait until 11 on the day of arrival? What is your procedure to ensure smooth communication and check-in?
Perhaps you want to review these before seeking to make such assumptions of any group of people.

Oh yes @KenH ! I have had all these and more from my last few groups of young people. All my ‘older’ guests have had higher standards and left me gifts, thank you card, always asked about my day, life and hopes for the future and left my room spotless. I will take an older seasoned traveler any day.

The fact the guests asked how to use stuff shows their respect, not ignorance IMHO @silvercannonca

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