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Old poster, returning to host


When I started Airbnb I had a full size futon bed with a good quality innerspring futon mattress, but still it was a futon. I upgraded to an acutal full size bed on a bedframe after a few months. Since then I’ve upgraded again to a Nest Bedding Mattress. In those upgrades I stuck with a full instead of a queen because it’s a small room. I could fit a queen but queen sheets also cost more. However I could also use the new sheets on the Airbnb bed and then start using them on my bed when they got old.

In the 400+ guests I have not had a single complaint, per se, about the bed. A few people have said a queen would be better. But at <$50 a night I’m not upgrading for just a couple of people. The fact that the bed is extremely comfortable makes a difference more than the size.

In your situation I would upgrade to a queen if it fits in the space and get a well-reviewed mattress. I’m sending you a PM.


When my current guests check out, I’ll measure the room and see if a queen would fit. Since a queen is 5-inches longer than a double, it might just be too much bed for the room. Right now you can walk comfortably around the bed on all sides.

The cost of the sheets is a deterrent, considering how fast my AirBnB sheets are worn out. I can’t use them on my own bed because I have a king (which would be WAY too big for the guest room).

In the mean time, I need to decide if I respond publicly to this review or not. I WANT guests to know we have a double so I’m glad she said so in the review, however the bed is NOT short.


I wouldn’t respond. Remember, that just basically highlights the review.


True! It is hard to let inaccurate information go but soon it will be off the page. Instead of commenting, maybe I’ll edit my listing to put in parenthesis the dimensions of the bed.

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