Okay, now I'm confused

Last November I sold my condo and deactivated my listings of the rooms there. At the time, I was on warning for “low” ratings (location).

So suddenly today, nine months inactive, I get an email from Air congratulating me on being a SuperHost.


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I think Superhost is based upon the prior 12 months of activity. If your Airbnb account (not the rental) is active, it sounds like you met the requirements prior to deactivation.

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Congratulations! It’s like the mike drop on your hosting career.

Annet is right - SH is based on 12 mos of activity. In spite of the passive aggressive notes about your location ratings, SH is based on Overall ratings averaging over 4.8. You only need something like 10 stays in the past calendar year to qualify. Perhaps you’ll even get SH at the October assessment, too!

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