Oily stain removal help

I’ve had a guest stain a comforter with a homemade deodorant that leaked onto a king sized comforter. The deodorant was made with baking soda, coconut oil and lemongrass oil.

Any advice on getting this removed? It soaked all the way through.

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Stupid guest - that supposed “deodorant” doesn’t even work!

Is the comforter washable? First things first, you need to sprinkle the stain with something that will absorb some of the oil. Cover it quite thickly, leave it for 10 minutes or so (baking powder, cornstarch, baby powder, any of these will do). Then try to scrape off the powder and any oil that has soaked into it (DON’T rub it in at this stage. Now take a soft toothbrush and use the strongest liquid detergent you’ve got (probably dishwashing liquid) and scrub the stain quite vigorously. Leave it for at least 20 minutes so the detergent can break down the oil molecules and the wash it at the highest possible temperature.

Good luck!


I own a wedding decorating business and having to deal with stains is a weekly occurance… oil stains are the absolute worst. I would try a spot cleaner and Tide and see if that works… if not, I think you’re SOL.

It is washable but only in warm water and in a large laundry mat machine. I suspect the filling will be lumpy after it comes out of the wash. I normally dry clean but I also think the dry cleaners will fail at the stain also.

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I would charge the guest for this mess.


@konacoconutz I hate doing it on one hand but I know I must replace the comforter. I’m afraid one of the pillow shams will also need replacing because of makeup and fading it caused. Let me not mention the sheets I had to work on for hours because of makeup stains.
I have a new guest checking in today at 4pm so my time is short. I’m heading back to the mountains to see if the color has faded, if it has, then I’ll have to go to the RC center.

I wouldn’t have a comforter that needs to be dry cleaned (I know you said it’s washable but you’re worried it won’t retain its shape) … I have a duvet cover over the comforter and that gets washed or switched out for a clean one after every guest… how often are you able to clean it between guests? The post about using baby powder or cornstarch or baking soda etc. is spot on… best way to pre treat an oil stain.

It’s dry cleaned after it’s used but not to worry, Airbnb is covering the cost of a new comforter. The guest declined to pay but Air just sent me a message that they are covering the cost and that I’ll have the $ in 24 hours.

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That’s excellent! Great news

I didn’t realize they could decline if you have proof. And shame on them for not taking responsibility! But I’m glad that Air is covering it.

I’m sorry you have that extra hassle!


Great that Airbnb stood by you. If you wash a comforter, put 3 clean tennis balls in the dryer with it so the filling doesn’t lump up (this works with puffy coats, pillows, sleeping bags,etc.)