Oh No! Airbnb notifications are 10-15 mins behind

I received 2 text messages from guests about their upcoming stays - except these came after they booked but before I got a notification that they did… seems that airbnb notifications for stays are running late?

Anyone else have this?

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Is it possible that the guests booked, then sent you a message before Airbnb successfully charged them and confirmed the booking?

I’m had all kinds of message notification glitches over the years. Like a booking request notification being sent at 3am, when the guest sent it at 9pm. Or a booked guest sending several messages but notifications only sent for some of them. But I haven’t experienced any of these glitches lately.

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Airbnb changed their alert/notification sound. It’s barely hearable now. And you cannot change the alert sound because it’s on the Airbnb side. I have to constantly check my phone or I’d miss the requests or messages. I wonder why Airbnb trying to make their notification unnoticeable.


But I’ve noticed they’ve made all their emails IMPORTANT so they get flagged with an exclamation point (at least on Outlook on my desktop)

I just posted a topic about this. I escalated this to an Airbnb Supervisor but they refuse to say its them and apple says there is nothing they can do. I can barely hear the ping. I thought I was imaging thing for a minute and then I saw your comment.