Oh boy This guest is a bad review or manipulator guest!

You know when you reach the age of 50 you begin to trust your gut feelings more and more. Too bad I was a newbie host when I accepted this guest months in advance. To begin with they only have one review and it was from a local host, which because her low rates they booked. My check in time is 4pm I even confirm with them that I will meet with them at 4pm. They arrive at 3:35 and I had JUST finished and the floor just mopped for the 3rd time. So I asked them to just wait in the patio for 5 mins and then I would walk them through.

The husband does not respect personal space at all and states NO we will visit our son who lives close by and they will come back at a undetermined time. All this is happening while he IS telling me to relax and I look hot and bothered. I resent the RELAX command greatly because it is said in a very arrogant condensing tone. I told them folks if you only wait and park your car in the right spot I will show you around. They won’t have it and e s don’t worry we will be back.

My gut is telling me not only is the guest creepy with the personal space issue, I really had to pull away and lean my head back, he was that close to my face. But my gut was also warning me big time about the wife.

An hour later I am walking my dog right in front of the street of my home and quickly walk over and show the wife the details of the listing, but they just went in and it was my fault I gave them the code. I show the wife where everything is in the kitchen and bathroom and then wanted to show how the TV works with that roku . The husband is laying in the bed on top of my coverlet in his underwear only. I refuse to go into the bedroom and just tell the wife how to operate the TV.

I then go to the grocery store and they knock on my door and my son tells me “the guests do not know how to make the TV work” I called the guest and walk the wife through how to get cable, She says we will wait for you, but finally the TV works for them.

I am creeped out to say the least but think maybe I am misreading the situation. Thank God they are apart from me, but I feel that I will be dinged on checking and communication even though they were early and I could not show them how to operate the TV because I just didn’t want to see a guy in his underwear only.

Fellow host How would you have handled it?

It’s very annoying when guests arrive earlier that arranged. In fact, it’s rude. And then to be so cavalier is highly disrespectful. On the other hand, personal space is just that - personal. It doesn’t mean the same to everybody. Getting into your own personal space does not necessarily mean that he meant anything bad by it. As for him in his underwear - he’d settled in by then, yes? And you just walked in while you were passing and walking the dog? I can’t see how you can fault him for that. Maybe it’s me but it seems like there’s some information missing here. As to how I would have handled it, well to be honest I would have made them wait until the arranged check-in time and done the full house tour. But that’s easy to say from a distance, I appreciate.

Sorry, I just realised that I didn’t read your post carefully. Yeah, he sounds like a total dick. When I get guests like that I pretend I’m a headmistress and get all cold and haughty but continue to smile. It freaks them out and works every time.

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Any guest act like this to me will be forced to leave the property. Bye bye.

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Try not to let it get to you. Think of your listing as a produce store - there will always be spoilage, it’s completely unavoidable. When I get dinged I always think, great, there’s the rotten apple for the quarter - the next ones are always better for quite a while.


this guest knew at 4pm sharp the studio would be ready, the fact that the unit was almost ready (only the door key code to be programmed) but they caught me going back and forth from my house and the unit almost 25 mins early caught me off guard. My mistake was to have the male guest TELL me what to do, I know better now…


Good. It is your place and rules.

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