Offred gives her Airbnb 3 stars

I’m not sure if there’s a different spot I should post this because it’s a little off-topic.

Did anyone see the new episode of the Handmaid’s Tale? (@konacoconutz, I think you watch?) Offred is reflecting on her little room and what it would have been if they weren’t under dystopian Gilead rule. “An Airbnb? Not a good one, like three stars”

Under Gilead rule we’d all have to discriminate against women booking and rewrite our house rules in pictures.

Do you think people would “read” our house rules if they were done graphically?

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Maybe they would read our rules if we lived in an authoritarian state and lived in fear of the government and everything it controlled which would be everything. We are moving in that direction. How many stars do tent cities for children in TX in summer get?

It’s not a show. It’s an adaptation for TV of a Margaret Atwood novel that she wrote in the '80s, updated and very ripe for our current times. Offred’s reference to Airbnb and her room is probably merely a mechanism for the adaptations’s update, and a frighteningly prescient reflection on our times; Dusty hits a nail on the head above. I missed the reference (red wine anyone? Clean the sofa?) but I very much doubt that Air were able to make sure their name was being mentioned. It was simply chosen as a dramatic vehicle by the script writers, headed by a brill bloke, Bruce Miller.

If you can, read the book first before watching the series. Or you could listen to Margaret Atwood speaking at the Hay Book Festival on BBC Radio 4 i-player/catch up last month.


This is the second season of AHT which goes beyond the end of Atwood’s book so it is all made up. Atwood didn’t write it but had some input as Executive Producer. One of my favourite shows in the sense of well written and superbly acted (Elizabeth Moss, Ann Dowd, Samira Wiley, Yvonne Strahovski) not as in enjoyable to watch as the story is pretty dire.

Yes I saw that and laughed (not many laughs in AHT) and thought “worse AirBnB review ever” but didn’t want to put it up here because of what she said right at the end which was a fair comment but could be triggering for some people. Actually it would have been funnier if she had said “An AirBnB? Not a good one, like only four stars”.

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Perhaps instead of a bad review Aunt Lydia could visit them afterwards and say: “Now we didn’t read the rules did we dear? God wants us to follow the rules, that is why He gave us the Ten Commandments. The Host has blessed you with a lovely room dear so next time don’t leave it in a mess like the ungrateful slut you are!”, before burning them with an iron and leaving them with a “Blessed day”.

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