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"Officially" registering all guests question

Hello wise Air hosts!

I have a question about “registered guests.”. I host a private flat with a separate entrance (I live in the upstairs flat). When someone books, I only know the name of the person who booked and the number of guests that plan to stay. I have a rule that if there is more than 4 staying overnight there is an additional fee per person, up to 6 people.

My question is, do you officially “register” the other guests when they arrive (e.g., get their name, ID, etc.)? I typically greet my guests and say hi and know the other guests by their first names only. I have a coded lock so that I can offer 24 hour check in if needed (I am hoping to become a “business” certified listing and this is required), so I would not be able to greet and ‘register’ per say in all cases.

The reason that I ask, is because my guests now booked for 3 guys, but I noticed today that a 4th guy and a woman were visiting this AM (they may have just been meeting them at the flat for coffee before going out) - I’ll see if they try to stay over tonight! However, since I didn’t “register” all 3 original guys, I don’t have an official record of who is - and who isn’t - a guest. I wish Air offered this - the names of all parties coming and also a check box to indicate if they plan to have “day visitors” so I don’t have to pull a “Gladys Kravitz” and spy out my window :wink:

Hope that makes sense! I am new to this so any advice is welcome! Thanks!


In addition to getting everyone’s name and ID, put a security camera pointing at the entry so you know who is going in and out and when. Then mention that you do this in the listing, put a picture of the security camera. It will discourage people from sneaking in more people.


We ask for everyone’s name

I don’t ask for the other party’s name. Mostly my guests are married couples. And the person who booked, the person who has an Airbnb account, is responsible for their ‘invitee’ (as I believe the description is).

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