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Offering Condoms and Plan B

Sister Hosts,
Given the state of affairs in the US, and specifically in Texas where I host, I’m considering stocking my rental with Plan B and condoms.
Our clientele is 90% young people in town (Austin) to party. My thinking is that this is a way to support women/people in an environment that is increasingly punitive when it comes to unplanned pregnancy. I imagine I’d keep it tucked in the drawer of period supplies with a kind note inviting them to use it if they have need or to leave it for someone who may need it in the future.

Your thoughts, sisters?


OMG. Well, I am going to expose my ignorance here. Should I be doing this? I am in U.S., in MA. [I am ‘liberal’ and believe in woman’s right to choose.] Or can she easily do this herself?

I do have some COVID tests. Should I provide what the OP suggests? Something else, in addition? Condoms?

BW, should I be providing tampons? Which ones/

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@Txjuju Thumbs up. Frightening and insane times. Repubs have come right out and said that if they win back the power, they intend to outlaw abortion entirely on a federal level.

Many of them threatening to make contraception illegal, as well. If the Handmaid’s Tale villains get their way, even condoms may be something one has to find on the black market.

“Airbnb Host has Business Shut Down, Charged with Providing Condoms for Guests, Facing Minimum Sentence of 5 Years for Aiding and Abetting Contraception”

Honestly, nothing these people could do would surprise me anymore.


So - in general - from a liability standpoint I would want to avoid distributing any medication ( even if it’s not prescription). But I’m one to err of the extreme side of caution a lot.

I absolutely appreciate the gesture though but I could see it either appeasing or potentially offending guests as well. One guest may appreciate it - another guest may consider you a heathen baby killer .

I suggest you look up the definition of “medication”. Condoms are not medication, any more than a bandaid is.

So what?


I’ve had condoms in my Airbnb since I opened. Birth control should be free.

That’s an interesting question regarding Plan B. I guess if you provide it you need to be ready to pull it should it become illegal in your state. (I can’t believe I’m writing that in such a matter-of-fact way. The times we live in, yeesh.)

I do provide first-aid type OTC stuff like acetaminophin, antibiotic ointment, cortisone anti-itch cream, and antacids. I realize there could be liability risk to providing any medications, but hotel shops sell this stuff and I want to err on the side of my guests being comfortable. So you’ve made me think about posting a little note in the medicine cabinet “Plan B (morning-after contraception) is available upon request. Contact host.” Only because it’s pricey and I don’t want guests of alternate mindsets throwing it out. Or I could just put it in there next to the condoms.


Sometimes I think people are just argumentative here for no reason - plan b is what I was referring to. It’s a pill.

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Sorry, you did not make that clear. I agree- I would provide condoms, but not an abortion pill. That is not on the same level of medication as aspirin or bug bite medication.

Many years ago, when I was away for the weekend, I came home to find my then 17 year old daughter in bed, feeling quite out of it and ill. She had gone to the birth control clinic the afternoon before for a morning-after pill, as the condom had broken or come off the night before when she and her boyfriend were having sex, and she was freaked out.
She spent the entire day in bed, feeling awful.

Not a risk I’d want to take as a host.

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Point of order: Plan B is not an “abortion pill.” It delays ovulation.


Thank you for the education, I didn’t realize it simply delayed ovulation. It is, however, referred to as a “morning after pill”.
I don’t know whether what my daughter took was that, or an actual abortion pill.

But anything which alters hormones isn’t something I would feel okay about providing for guests. You never know what reaction someone could have.
Whereas any adult would likely be aware if they had a bad reaction or contraindication to common over the counter medications like aspirin, tylenol, or ibufrophen. But I know some hosts are even reticent to provide those.

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Your “Contact host” suggestion is a good adjustment of my idea.


Or simply taking it with them for possible future use, but at greater cost to the host than making off with the extra toilet paper.


Condoms yes. Plan B no. You’re opening yourself up to providing drugs without a license and if someone hemmoraghes or worse, you’re liable.

Great idea, especially in these times. But be careful about medical liability.


And a pill that requires going to a pharmacist to get - it’s not stocked in the aisles. That’s dispensing meds without a license and as opposed to asparin, a felony.


Would be an interesting court case. For instance, how could it be proven that the host provided the medication if it was simply in the bathroom with other supplies (as opposed to the host giving it to the guest on request)? They could say some previous guest must have left it in the drawer.

Which in fact is not an outlandish possibility- guests forget all sorts of things they had no intention to leave behind, which the host or their cleaner might miss.

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Plan B is a nonprescription, over the counter medication, at least here in my US state presently. Other morning after pills are available only by prescription.

I can walk into my local drugstore and get it, unless concerned citizens have been hoarding it.

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My thinking is that providing period supplies saves my sheets. So far so good!


Since the ultimate goal is helping women avoid a precarious situation I’d be okay with some “walking out the door” with young women. Research indicates that I can obtain some low cost versions for under $10.

I supply condoms, sanitary towels and tampax in terms of personal items.

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My mind went in a completely different direction…
I think we coddle the younger generation too much. The more we think and plan for them, the less they learn to think for themselves. To fully develop into responsible adults they need to learn to be prepared.

While you may be thinking you are doing a favor, when they stay elsewhere and may come to expect such things, the next host may not have made provisions and so the guest has not come prepared.


While I agree in general that people should be given freedom to act, and to learn from their mistakes, not in this case.

An unwanted pregnancy is not a character-building learning experience. Especially as it takes two individuals, but women still bear the brunt of the burden.

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