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Offering and extra night for a reduced price


An Airbnb host I bumped into said that if there was a night or two free after someones stay, she’d offer them the extra night/s for a reduced rate.

I have had people stay before and wanted to stay an extra night and I couldn’t figure out how to extend their stay.

Does anyone know how to do this when the people are actually there?

Does anyone know how much to reduce it to? My place is $185/225 per night. Thanking you in advance!!!


We’ve done this on occasion successfully. Simply ask your guests to make a new booking for the night in question, then send them a special offer. I can’t advise you on your rate, but we discount 50%. Factor in a) a void avoided b) less laundry c) cleaning reduced, with the added bonus of them being able to review you twice. We have done this for people who can travel back early on a Monday morning ,in time to get to work.


We have given people extra nights, also during their stay, and have moved people to another room before their stay. In English it should be called something like “change reservation”. I hope this possibility still exists.


It does. On the desktop if one goes to the message thread it’s at the top: a change or cancel button and a send or request money button. Click change and then it gives two buttons, click change and you can change the dates and price.


I you have them re-book, careful of your cleaning fee - PLUS airbnb adds their massive fees on top of a new booking. And, you have a time issue - guest checked out at 10am, in a 4pm. Are you covered by the airbnb insurance during that time period where you actually have guests?
@KKC has it right - click the change or cancel button and extend the dates - then you are covered over the entire timeframe. The airbnb fees for an extension are minimal, whereas they are high for a new booking.


Whoops, I should have added that we deducted these as part of the overall %. Sidetracked as usual. I think we’ll try Dusty’s method next time, Easter hopefully…

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