Offensive price tips recommendations?

Does anyone else get annoyed with the price tip recommendations? I am also getting emails fairly often now, suggesting that I change the pricing on certain dates to lesser amounts - sometimes 50% or more! Which I find somewhat insulting!
In these generic emails, they claim that “similar listings as yours” are being booked for however much less than yours. I think this highly unlikely and perhaps more likely to be shared or private room properties, not entire houses being rented for only 30-40Euros a night in a major european city!
I find these recommendations quite insulting, especially considering I am an experienced host with Airbnb since 2011 and that, along with other holiday rental websites, I rent at an 85% occupancy last year.
I adjust my pricing myself. For example, I price off-peak seasons lower and weekends higher. I my calendar hasn’t completely filled up, 2-3 weeks before the dates, I begin to lower the prices. 1-2 weeks before the dates, if they are still not booked, I lower again. And if needed, I lower even further in the few days before the dates. It almost always fills up and always at higher prices than Airbnb suggest!

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No I don’t get annoyed. Like their smart pricing they are completely out of kilter with reality. Just ignore them.


No. I just realize that this is an algorithm that simply doesn’t work properly for my home. Or, I use it for my personal entertainment. I just can’t be insulted by AI. Just isn’t personal enough.