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Off Topic: How many people does it take to train a dog


Q: How many people does it take to train a dog?

A: 1 to train the dog and post the video on Facebook

70 to comment on how the dog should have been trained differently,

10 to comment that the training was great but the video editing was shocking,

8 freedom fighters to claim dogs should not be kept as pets and should be returned to the wild,

12 to comment that the clicker was too slow,

1 to claim that it’s cruel to train dogs,

368 to argue about the terminology,

6 to say they prefer cats,

12 to ridicule the cat lovers for commenting on a dog training post,

24 to comment that all animals are equal and people have the right to post whatever makes them happy,

2 admin members to remind people of the rules of posting,

1 to leave the group and unfriend everyone because they are not going to be told what they can post,

57 to say “bye Felicia”,

19 to comment that the group is better off without the drama queen,

11 to posts memes, none of which make any sense,

13 to post links to their training blogs

7 to comment that it’s great but their dog would just eat the clicker

2 to warn about the dangers of allowing dogs to eat clickers,

5 to posts alternatives to clickers,

15 to claim there’s no scientific evidence for using them,

7 to say ‘well said’,

4 to offer low interest loans,

865 to repeat comments already made because they haven’t read all the posts,

1 to repost the original training video as evidence that the training is good,

7 to claim that using treats will make the dog fat,

5 to suggest that feeding hotdogs will make the dog attack children who have hotdogs,

1 to ask an unrelated health question about their dogs broken nail,

17 to tag other people into the post for no apparent reason,

10 to explain that dogs have to eat so you might as well use the food for training,

3 to post that it’s entirely the wrong diet,

10 to claim that if you loved animals so much you’d be a vegan,

And one original poster to delete the video and go play with their dog.


Best line of a funny post. Humor is therapeutic.


What? No one saying you don’t train dogs, just the owners?


I think that’s included in the 368 who argue about terminology. But yes they are always in that thread as well.


I love this K9 and still chuckling. At least one to say their dog is so smart she never needed any training! Have been a member on a dog forum! Just change the title to “how many ways to clothe and clean a bed” and a few words and apply to this forum ( sometimes) HAHA! btw I lovelurk this forum and read endlessly. I promise to post more when my bnb finally is listed<><>


I think this is the first time it’s been put that way.


We have a current guest who said she had two Showpony dogs. Google didn’t help. I think they are show dogs of the Chow Chow kind. Anyway with ours they all get on well. I must admit I was a bit excited about this new breed of showpony dog…


We have a house horse too. A 75 pound dobie mix beauty.! here is another pic of the view near our home and trailer.

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