Obsessive guest and timeline for guest to report issues to AirBnB?

I had a guest recently who gave me effusive praise about my home while she was here, but after leaving has been sending me multiple emails with obsessive suggestions about how to reorganize the cupboards in my home, about the artwork in my home, about every little detail that she liked and mostly the things didn’t like about the home. It’s bordering on creepy and really passive-aggressive as she was so positive while here, and I think she must have explored my home with a fine-tooth comb (this is a home-share). She also commented about “mold” on my shower mat (which is not true, I cleaned the bath mat and entire shower before she arrived and saw no issues) and how it can make people very sick, but she admits she didn’t get sick. She’s already given me a glowing review, thank goodness.

I want to respond to her emails and ask her to please stop contacting me. However, this seems like the type of person who is wanting me to thank her for her suggestions and may feel offended if I ask her to stop. Is there a timeline for a guest to submit a request for refund (I.e. if she got offended and decided to report me for “mold”)? Any other consequences I could suffer by sending this email? I bet AirBnB takes mold complaints seriously and I don’t want to risk being shut down. Both our reviews are posted, so I don’t believe she can edit her review at this point. My only other option is to block her and just not respond.

Block her. She might ask for a refund but it’s way too late, especially after a glowing review.

Then do that @GardenFairy

You’ve answered your own question! She needs a reply so give her one and close the conversation:

“Dear XX, thank you for your suggestions, I will take them on board. All the best for your future travels!”

Then block her. The End.


Just thank her politely. It sounds like she’s lonely and has too much time on her hands. If she gets offended (it’s too late to complain to Airbnb) but she might bad mouth you on social media or yelp. So thank her and stay on her good side. Hopefully she will move on to someone else soon.


Just don’t, truly. It will only encourage her. She wants attention so don’t give her any at all.

It doesn’t matter if she is offended, does it? You don’t want her back again, she can’t cause you any problems after giving you a good review so why worry about offending her? She sounds like a sad person with too much time on her hands and she should find someone else to pester. You’re a busy host with a life :slight_smile:


Concur, do not engage further. Could be you’ve got a species of “stalker.” If so, any response from you will be taken as encouragement to continue the “relationship” she’s fantasizing she’s got with you.


Yes, I agree it borders on stalking and she definitely has way too much free time. She was waiting in my living room one night while she was here and started following me around saying she was lonely. For better or worse, I politely told her to stop contacting me and then blocked her. She’s got my cell phone number but I can block her on my phone too.