NYT article on new home share platforms

"But in addition to the challenges any travel company faces in the Covid-19 era, the problem for most start-up, short-term rental platforms is their small size. Travelers will find a limited inventory — perhaps one unit in San Francisco on the new site Zeevou Direct — versus more than 300 on Airbnb, the largest home-sharing site with over seven million accommodations.

“You’re going to always see people who are trying to nip at the heels of Airbnb,” said Joseph DiTomaso, the founder and chief executive of AllTheRooms, a vacation rental search engine and data analytics firm for the industry. “The real question is scale and can these other folks compete with Airbnb and Vrbo on a booking level. Can they drive demand? That’s going to be one of the hardest things to do.”

But for travelers willing to shop around, the following four new platforms offer novel twists on home sharing."

I question how long before many of these are brought down with Discrimination lawsuits.

Golightly: an invitation-only platform for women
Misterb&b which targets the L.G.B.T.Q. community,
Noirbnb for Black travelers

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Hate to make a bad joke here, but Golytely (pronounced Golightly) is the brand name of a product you take to clean out our bowels out before having a colonoscopy!!!


Yeah, people have pointed that out. Their branding indicates the name is in reference to Holly Golightly of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Puzzling name – I got the Breakfast at Tiffany’s reference, but Holly was actually one messed-up gal and not a role model to emulate in my opinion. Although there are some analyses out there that position her as some sort of ur-feminist. I wouldn’t want her staying at my place, even with no Cat – all those uninvited guest men banging on the door at all hours!


It really makes one wonder who chooses these names. On top of picking this year to launch they probably won’t make it. I set up my listing with them in June and just opened the calendar this week. It’s clunky and hard to manage (calendar sucks!) and they only support a handful of pictures. But if I get any bookings at all I guess it will be worth it.

Why would that be discrimination there are lots of niche holiday companies which aim at specific markets - some for singles, some for people with disabilities etc ?

Aiming is different than denying. If someone who is not part of that target group is denied, that could be construed as discrimination.

wegolightly.com was a failure from the start and hasn’t gotten better. They were totally unprepared to add hosts when they launched and their “network” model is just silly. Today, they have fewer than 20 listings between New York City, New Jersey and greater Philadelphia. 25 stays in Florida. They need a full reboot.

We tried misterbandb. The site is nice and easy to use. We did not get bookings but we expect that they are fairly location dependent. But we will try them again when we open our new stay.

Noirbnb is a clear failure. Launched in 2016. One post a month on average to their FB page. The site is not usable at all. No search by map, hardly any listings, etc.

I think you are making a mountain out a molehill. There are lots of specialist holidays for lots of different groups. Why do you feel companies targeting women, LGBT communities and black travellers are discriminating?

They are just targeting just as some companies target 18-30’s, some singles, some golfers.

In what way is this discriminatory. It is simply targetting.

I did not say that they are discriminitating. I implied that if / when someone (not part of that Targeted demographic) is declined, they are opening the door to lawsuits.

I disagree, as others have. If a company advertises that it caters to a certain demographic, there’s nothing to sue them over. These are private companies, not some public entity. Do you think 40 year olds sue Elder Hostel? Boys sue private girls’ schools because they can’t be admitted? Do 20 year olds sue the school district because they can’t go to elementary school?


I kind of understand what you’re saying, but claiming discrimination by a protected group is difficult if not impossible. Besides, I was considering joining Noirbnb for awhile and they were not discriminatory at all on their website nor in the conversations I had with them. They know better than most how not to discriminate :fist:t5: