NYC Rules and Regulations

Hey. Can I rent my apartment in NYC? I rent not own.

I ma asking this because there are some cities that airbnb a rental place is against the law. For instance Miami only allows owners to sublet their place.

Start with your lease. Chances are you are not allowed to rent the whole space. If you are, then search on this board for a lot of discussions about NYCity and the new laws that have been passed there over the past year.

Chances are? No. You will not be allowed to rent your space if you are not onsite, and have about a 50% chance of being allowed to rent it if you are onsite with the guests.

Ask your landlord FIRST. If he says yes, get it in writing so he can not kick you out for subletting. Never ever try to sneak it. Airbnb is easy to spot. You could easily be evicted with no place to live yourself.