NYC hosts - what are your plans after Airbnb hands over the host info in Feb 2019?

I am wondering what everyone’s plan is, as the law that was passed by the city council back in the summer is going into effect this coming February?

Are you planning on taking down your listing before Airbnb hands over the host information to the city? Airbnb is suing the city, but there has been no information or updates about the lawsuit. One could only assume that it will go as planned.

I am thinking of doing short-term rentals of 1 to 6 months to people in the city temporarily but am uncertain how those that seek this sort of arrangement look for it. I am considering leaving the listing up for 1 month+ rentals but am afraid to attract attention from the city for my previous Airbnb activity.

Huh? What city? Where are you? This is an international forum… Nice first post.


Title of thread says NYC which is New York City.


I’m in the same boat. Was considering temporarily either hosting stays of 1+ months or getting a roommate, until the lawsuit shakes out one way or the other, but the law takes effect at the beginning of February and that’s not a great time to look for a roommate (nor is it a busy hosting season).