Numbers - New host, first days

my listing is online for 64 hours now, and I have

11 requests
2 reservations

I had bookings for the first 2 nights immediately.

Just to get an impression: What do you (as experienced hosts) think about these numbers for the first days?

I now that much depends on the location, I am renting out an apartment in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in an area with plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes, 10 min (walk) to the metro station, 20 min (walk) to the ocean.


I think its incredible how many views you have. Its very high number. You are obviously in avery good location.
If you will be rented like this all the time, examine your pricing. 100% occupancy means your prices are low comparing to other similar rentals.

Well done Thomas. Great results. However if you are having 353 views with just 11 requests, I would revise your listing, description, photos etc. All those people looking at your site means they are very interested. To get just 11 requests could mean that you are not providing enough information or a quality listing/photos/description to encourage them to make a request. I would expect a higher conversion rate. At present, your request click through rate is around 3%. (353/11 as a percentage). I had a fiverr report done by Jasper where they can do a 15 point review. The name of the gig is** I will improve your Airbnb listing**. For the sake of $5, well worth it. No, I don’t have anything to do with Jasper. It is just that I suggest this as a first step to get your conversion rate a little higher. Please let me know your results.

Thank you very much for your input.

So far, I have:

20 requests
3 bookings

I am on instant book, and the 3 bookings came in “last minute”.

The 20 requests were of different quality, some asking for something that is stated in the listing, some wanting to stay 6 months, some asking for discount for 2017 etc. None of the requests resulted in a booking.

I have already improved my listing several times…

Maybe anybody has a suggestion? This is my listing:

(I am not in town until April 9, that’s why the calendar is closed until then. The 3 bookings were 3 x one day.)

Maybe more bookings will come when it gets closer to mid of April…?

If I’m right, you’re only about an hour away from the Yas Marina Circuit? Be sure to put your prices way up for the Formula One race at the end of November!

Yes, you’re right, that’s exactly 1 hour away from my place. I have already updated the rates for the Formula 1 time.

That is tremendous - I wish I could stay with you!

@Clyde bought the fiverr report for one of our properties ‘just to see’. He was definitely very thorough and if there are any new hosts out there wanting tips I would HIGHLY recommend. For us old horses here, he didn’t give any new information that I haven’t already figured out in 6+ years of hosting. However, for $5 well worth it!

Hello jaquo, you know where to book… :grin:

I will also buy the fiverr report now.

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