Number of Guests & Accept Dogs for a Fee?

I recently had a booking as 1 Guest.

Two people show up, and with 1 child and a dog

I usually charge $10 for an extra guest. Not sure about dogs staying on property, as he was supposed to be staying out the back, after i barely agreed, and then he is known to be sleeping in their room each night.

Would you charge for 2 adults, and as goodwill let the child and dog be charged for free?

Personally I would not have let them in the door! I would have called AirBnb on the spot.

Booking for one and showing up with three (children count as guests, they take up resources and make messes) is a violation of AirBnb rules. And a dog too??? Who do they think they are? I would charge for four (not three) guests (dogs take up resources and make messes too). No one gets a “good will” anything when they show up and pull that kind of crap.

What are your house rules about dogs? Children? We do not accept either. Too much hassle, too much mess, too much work.


Paul, don’t take this the wrong way but you really MUST get firmer with guests.


Very valid comments, will be firmer going forward.


It’s not too late. Open a resolution center request to get past money, and if they’re still there, modify the booking now. Make sure you message on Air that you will be sending a request to cover the added fees for the people and dog that they brought and did not reserve (hoping that they comment and confirm in writing), and then call Air to get their assistance.

I’ll be nice and often discount when people are polite and ask up front depending on the situation, but anyone who lies or is shady I will get every penny out of them that I can.