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Number of Bedrooms



I have a house that I’m in the process of updating that I might be renting out and had a couple questions. The house is on the Ocean and has 4 bedrooms, 2 of them being in the front of the house with a great view of the ocean. These two front rooms can easily fit a full bed, and even probably queens. Would I be better off turning it into one master bedroom with a king size bed or keeping it as two separate bedrooms.

Thanks in advance


No, losing a bedroom is not a good idea. Go two queens ,


Definitely 2 bedrooms.


Are both bedrooms claustrophobic? the only thing i could think of would be to have one room bigger for 2 guests, and have like a bunk bed room for kids or a single person.

But i would not put a ton of money into a reconfiguration.


First question, will you be renting the whole house or rooms?
What is the actual size of the rooms?

Queen beds are always good in my opinion, kings even better. A room doesn’t have to be big, but if people are staying for more than 1 night, it should allow for some unpacking, storage and packing.


Thanks everyone for the responses! They were very helpful. I wouldn’t really call either room claustrophobic. One of the rooms is 12x14 and the other is 8x10.

To answer your question GutHend I will be renting out the whole house.

Thanks again!


Only if you are going to put an en-suite bathroom in.

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