Nudist swingers

I just read about a new condo-hotel in the Orlando area catering to nudist swingers. Prices for each unit are $40,000-plus. If you own a unit you can live there, rent it yourself or place the unit in the hotel program and the management company will rent it for you. I’m wondering if it would be a successful endeavor to list one of such units in airbnb…are there enough nudists who are swingers to be a profitable listing? I wonder…However, I wouldn’t want to do the cleaning myself,


Raquel you are full of interesting discoveries today. :sunglasses:
Makes me wonder, are ‘theme’ listings an interesting way to offer something new in the future?

Oh, those nudist swingers can be so hard core :slight_smile: Yes, I know! Long story!
But I agree with @Mearns, I wouldn’t want to be personally responsible for the cleaning either!
I think the place would always be rented, years in advance, like Mearns island!

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Can you make it short? :grin:


@brook2adks @Mearns Maybe there is a market out there for “theme” airbnb stays. I’m not the judgmental type…

Sounds like it should off Duval Street in Key West, not Orlando!! Or is this a new Disney Theme Hotel???