Now working on my House Rules. Need help from the crew

Hey, I’m working on fine tuning my House Rules and for this job I would like to create a general House Rules where I would state the MANDATORY things you must comply in my place like for e.g. “No Smoking” but then I would like to create a companion guide for all the minor things I would PREFER you to do (or don’t) like for e.g. “Wash your dishes after cooking or you will attract insects to the home”.

Would like to keep separate this documents because they serve to different purposes. In the house rules, I set my rules for ACCEPTANCE. It should be clear and to the point and written in an authoritative way. (YOU MUST!).

But in the good manners rules book, I’m setting the rules for good behavior. I won’t kick you out if you don’t comply with them, but I would be much pleased if you follow them.

The thing is that I’m not getting very creative with the name of this book.

Good Manners Rules?
Could you help me reach a better name?


This makes no sense. Be direct… and use grammatically correct sentences.

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Sorry, @smtucker. English isn’t my first language but I have corrected my post. Check it now!

What sort of rental do you have? I’m afraid that if I read house rules that included ‘YOU MUST’ I simply wouldn’t stay there.

Added in edit: As guests rarely read anything at all, I really wouldn’t spend too much time on it if I were you.


@jaquo I’m not thinking on writing YOU MUST in my House Rules. It was just a saying of how the things in the House Rules need to be follow. For e.g.:

No Smoking
No Parties
No Pets

The other set of rules is a request for good behavior.

Please, take out the trash on a daily basis
Please, water the plants once a week
Please, don’t use towels to clean up your makeup.

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Thanks for clarifying - that sounds much better :slight_smile:

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We include the ‘it would be appreciated if you would…’ comments in our house manual which is entitled 'Welcome to [Listing Name]. I point it out during the house tour and explain to the guests that it has restaurant recommendations, transport options and so on. I tell them that it helps them to make the most of their stay here. (Although I would still say that only a small percentage read it),


Hmmm I have just had that happen and it’s a pain. Day 1 - make up literally smeared over the hand towel. Why, I don’t understand as I don’t see why you’d use the hand towel in the bathroom on you face…

I replace it and my guests come home. 5 minutes later: makeup smeared all over the hand towel. Sigh … I only own two hand towels!

In the U.S. we have washcloths which I gather you don’t use in England. Washcloths are for the purpose of washing your face. They are always square, not rectangular. If you have guests from the U.S., they might be confused by the absence of a washcloth and use hand towels instead.

We have wash clothes here. But to me they’re a personal item very much like what you use to wash your body. They’re not something hanging in a shared bathroom that everyone uses to dry their hands on…

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Just curious, in such a circumstance with the second of two hand towels being again soiled with make-up, do you speak to your guest about it or do you just sigh and let it pass?

I spoke to them about it. It had been out all of ten minutes before it was heavily soiled…

So I said ‘hey there’s a lot of makeup on this towel. I noticed it before and I thought it might have been a mistake but I just put this towel out and it’s covered in exactly the same way.’

Cue apology and the explanation ‘it must have been on my hand sorry’. Hell of a lot of makeup to just be on your hands.

It’s irritating because it looks truly filthy …

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Do you supply your guests with washcloths? If so, it’s difficult to understand why they are using hand towels as washcloths.

When I was in the UK (years ago, admittedly) we called them ‘face flannels’.

Because ours is a separate rental, I don’t see the state of the towels until the guests have left. But I would say that every turnover brings along with it a towel or two that has to be soaked in Oxyclean - often several times. Sigh.

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Nope I don’t. I expect guests to bring their own means of removing makeup. I do have loads of face cloths (though I don’t use them personally even though I’m a makeup wearer) and am happy to provide them if needed.

I still don’t understand why make up would be on the handtowel. I would expect to see it smeared all over the towel I provide for their personal use not the communal one that people dry their hands on after using the loo.

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I call my document “The XXXXXX House Handbook.” [I really think that “Good manners Book” is condescending and doesn’t sound welcoming at all." In this book, I answer questions like:

what is the Wifi network name and password
what do I do with my breakfast dishes in the morning
where do I place my recycling
where can I find some additional towels, pillows, blankets, etc.
what is checkout time
how do I let you know what I want for breakfast tomorrow

I also have requests, such as:
when using the window a/c, please keep the door to that room closed
if you are too cold and/or hot when the heat is running, we can adjust the pressure of the system. just ask us.
please use the provided washcloths and/or makeup cleaner pads

I agree that it took a fair amount of time to not sound like a nagging mother in this document. Finding the right tone can be difficult, especially if English is not your first language. Unlike others on this forum, my handbook is read by at least 90% of my guests.

My other documents in the room include restaurant suggestions, list of coffee and tea shops nearby, a walking map of the area with routes to the most popular squares, parking regulations for this city, and a farmer’s market schedule for the 8 markets within walking distance.

I would venture to say that this forum would be very helpful to you for getting that tone that you are looking for.


I don’t wear makeup, but I use a washcloth every time I shower. I use them to wash my face, ears and neck. In the U.S. a washcloth is expected as much as a towel is. I’ve never seen communal hand towels. I supply paper towels for guests to dry their hands. In the houses I’ve been to where hand towels are supplied, it is expected that guests will put them in the basket supplied for used hand towels which is usually on the bathroom counter.

Never seen a communal hand towel ??

@jaquo please verify this …

Edit: Never got given a wash cloth while I was in the states on either visit … no cloth given out in New York and none in LA. So I’m not sure they’re that standard…

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Um, how can @jaquo verify what I’ve seen?

Fwiw, at the end of my house rules I say “Good rule of thumb with Airbnb travel in general: Pretend you’re visiting an elderly aunt you don’t know very well, and behave accordingly.”

It may not be specific enough for you, but i like it. :slight_smile: