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Now I've seen everything! Pot friendly Airbnb rentals!

In this day and age, anything is possible. If anyone is ever interested in a pot friendly Airbnb rental (or perhaps you’re interested in becoming a pot friendly Airbnb host), check out this article: http://www.fourmaryjanes.com/vacation-just-got-better-with-pot-friendly-airbnb-rentals/.

I’m definitely unsure as to the legality of these offerings and can see potential problems down the road but definitely very interesting to check out! Does anyone else offer interesting “perks” for staying at their Airbnb listing? What would be an out of the ordinary perk that would make you want to stay at an Airbnb listing?


It’s very interesting to target an airbnb listing to a specific group of people.

By the way, here is an excellent example how to use the Airbnb filter function to search for listings targeted to specific groups. The page below uses gay people as an example, but I guess the same principle can be transferred to any specific preference such as “handicap friendly”, “family friendly”, “ecological living”, “elderly friendly” etc


In other words, hosts should put so many key words as possible in their listings to make their listings visiblie in search for people looking for special attributes

Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado and I have a pot friendly listing called the 420 Happy Hippie House. I love the guests I get.

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