Now bargain listings are getting better exposure in the search page

When trying to seek for my place in the search results random dates, I was totally surprised that listings seem to be arranged by price range. Not in a strict price order, by I can see that the very cheap ones are taking the first pages. Well, some of these have 4 stars, bad response rate, and bad reviews but as they were priced so low, Airbnb decided they should go first on the list. Is this their ultimate resort to force hosts to reduce their prices. I believe that now price is even more relevant for the search algorithm than Instant Booking.

I work A LOT to deliver the best service to my guests. It is not only for the money I reinvest in my place but the time I dedicated to attending them. Fortunately, this is reflected on the reviews I got, but none of this seems to be important for Airbnb. Nor the quality, nor the service, They just want bargain listings on their site. I feel SO angry! you are that are always in tune with this type of things. Did you see of change on their sort algorithm that now takes price as one of the main factors to assign a better ranking position?

I don’t think I can seen that from our data.

Would you be in a small market (say, less than 300 listings for the dates and capacity selected)?

Another factor might be that you have been identified yourself as a guest looking for budget listings due to your view/booking history. I am sure that you have probably done so, but did you log out of your Airbnb account and cleared your cookies to reduce your tracking?