Notes from the Airbnb Open

I know that many hosts couldn’t make it to the event, but have requested notes on what was discussed. Hope this is what you’re all looking for!

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Thanks the business point is interesting and I noticed yesterday Air have a new amenities added focused on business travelers

Glad you enjoyed : ) I think business travel amenities and accommodations a great asset to Airbnb, it’s an exciting direction that they’re exploring!

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airbab was a great idea congrats . However you need to have older more experienced case workers. You need to respect hosts more. We had death threats after being forced to ask guests to leave. Airbab have rewarded their behavior by finding them another host. wrong wrong wrong.
Then left the review section open for them to leave bad feedback. wrong wrong wrong.
Today new years day our household was again harnessed by the people who left days ago-- 5.30 AM phone calls and 5.45 am until we took the phone off. So wherever you placed these guests airbab they have continued this behavior.
airbab wre told they made threats to us— then they say we must look after these people and find them another hosts to annoy really?
We were told in writing by another young case worker-- wait for it That we as the owners had no right to tell people they couldn’t go out clubbing all night then return early am waking everybody drunk - and laying in bed all day really?

These case workers are too young- and it the case worker think its ok to lay around in bed all day i question the way she was raised.

Not good enough and other airbab staff agree but say there is NOTHING they can do!

Where are the police checks?

Why would you help somebody to find another place after they already threatened your very good hosts??

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Dave. If you have had death threats, and have evidence of these, I suggest that you go to the police. I would for sure.

Can’t comment on Air case workers as I have no need to contact them. But I do get the impression from this board that they favour guests, despite their business depending entirely on hosts!!!

As to going out all night staying in bed all day. People on AirBnB are renting a room/apartment/house, not looking for a second mum & dad. In my book guests can do whatever they want so long as they don’t damage my property or annoy my neighbours. I am in my late 50’s, professional, with a family who was raised right, but I sometimes like to stay up all night and sleep all day. In fact we stayed last night until the early hours & slept most of today. Whats wrong with that? We are not all the same.



I think you could be correct that they favor guests- but i also think its more likely just turned out that way–.
The case managers are possible rewarded with results-- numbers job. I se the biggest problem as being the case managers dont appear to have a strict script to work off, and many are young ones without the life’s experience to make judgment calls-- or mature ones at least. Note you said this .

**Can’t comment on Air case workers as I have no need to contact them. But I do get the impression from this board that they favour guests, despite their business depending entirely on hosts!!!

My comment was on case workers - yet you say youv never dealt with any- interesting then why youd comment.

You seem very passionate with three!!! when you refer to airbab mostly supporting hosts and im sure you have your reasons.
As a x police officer , i can say i feel airbab should have police checks for guests and hosts as alike l and should be connected to the department of immigration - child saftey as well.

Airbab have said because of many problems they are taking steps to step up on security - as well as guests breaking house rules . You see jamfactorykenthat is really what it boils down to. We have everything CLEARLY in the house rules.
They are our rules-- and you have yours. Its not up to you anymore than it is the case worker to tell others what to do and what rules to have in their homes.
Airbab should send them next time to your place by the sounds of it . You can party all night and they can get drunk and throw up all over you place instead and lay in bed all day. According to you thats not a problem in your house- but thats not how we conduct ourselves.
We also consider our other guests who they disturbed also.
@ Now I will state the obvious . It is in our house rules we do not accept people coming home drunk at wee hours waking our other guests as well as us.

It is also in the house rules we work from home .

Thats the point you see – It is CLEARLY in our house rules we dont take anybody that wants to go clubbing all night every night returning home drunk and disturbing others others.

You have your house rules-- We have ours.

They’ve always stood by me as a host, but I carefully make sure to cover all bases, ask for a deposit, make my description and instructions beyond CLEAR and screen guests as well as I can.

Sorry Dave and others have had such crap behavior from guests. They should leave last second reviews for those clods and report them to Air. Also make a police report on the threatening guests. Harassment is illegal.

Of course I agree that each host can have any rules that they wish, and if you state them clearly then guests should abide by them.

I actually said that so long as they don’t damage my property or annoy my neighbours then I don’t care what they do. Puking everywhere falls well outside the behaviour I would tolerate. So don’t know why you would assume that I would be OK with that.

And especially as you are an ex-police officer I still wonder why you have not reported these individuals to the authorities to investigate.

As to police checks, that might work well in countries where the police are independent, mostly abide by the law and are fair, not so well in countries, of which there are many, where the police are in no way independent, are totally corrupt and in no way fairly apply the law.

G,day Kona

and hi again Jam,

The point i was making, or trying to was the case workers are rather young often-- as well one told us they are instructed to care care of the guests needs first. Most hosts are mature home owners not idiots that just want to earn a few extra $ and meet maybe some nice travelers. I worry for the ladies hosting on their own also because these pair were a handful -.

We had other airbab guests to consider not to mention us. . I would also have hoped the reports of threats might have led to *instant ban on them. It imop is pretty irresponsible to send them some place else knowing their behavior here. Thats a complete disregard for hosts as i see it.
and blind Freddy x can see that even although they have been done many days-- they are intend on waking other guests and the owners up 5.30am new years day.

What should happen is aibab should put older more mature case workers on and give them a script ALSO the case worker needs to be the same one speaking with both parties.

I really didnt come in here to debate good manners- so much as the fact there appears to be major problems in the way case workers are told to handle things and-it does appear Jam, yep its look after guests first and bugger good hosts.
So we again on that much:)
Stay safe to you both

While I agree, Dave, that the case workers are most definitely young, I think they are told they must find a balance between host and guest experiences and are encouraged to mediate.

I recently had a guest panic at the last minute about something non-existent and want to cancel and have me refund. I didn’t even answer. He was due to check in that day and there was nothing to panic about and certainly this reason he panicked was not on Air’s list of extenuating circumstances and therefore not eligible for a refund. He wrote and said he had made other arrangements (fine, good riddance) and then Air called asking if I would reconsider refunding any (NO way!) or even half his stay and I said absolutely not. My place was ready for him to check in and his changing his mind was not on me. I think they like to at least give the appearance of trying to mediate. They did refund the cleaning, and I feel like I had to eat that needlessly. After all, I had given up going to a party that day to clean for this old fart. Yet I lost that money. Yes, it’s clean for the next guest, but this guy’s panic cost me $85 right out of my pocket.

Your guests who harassed you Dave should be banned from Air. Take some screenshots and send them to Air and open a case. No one wants to hosts nuts like that!

meant we agree on that much – also i personally wasn’t here-- putting two ladies at risk isnt my idea of ok and airbab need to smarten up their act.
Yep follow the house rules- READ the house rules.

Iv told the girls from now on all guests sign a agreement upon arrival.

That gives hosts more power as guest seem to be able to con the young case workers

take care


PS I dont wish to go on about it- SH happens , and despite Kens obvious clashes with police most are hard working honest men and women putting their necks on the line to keep everybody safe.

Now here is the thing. Only airbab know their location - and larger part of the complaint MUST come from them to police due to booking arrangements and the fact its their business.
police cant and wont act without the complaint from them as well as us.

And thats what the case workers should have done ESPECIALLY since they airbab were notified twice now of these events.

So nope im looking square at airbab and being x police i know whos to blame for this continuing and airbab doing NOTHING

It may different elsewhere, but I’m in the US, where the police cannot really do much intervening, because you have granted the problem guest permission to be in your home. If you were having problems with a guest you’ve give a key to , called the cops and said I need help with my Airbnb guest, they’d probably laugh themselves silly.

There not so polite here- thy would tell you to F off more than likely- or just hang up.
Also your correct about the complication airbab own the business so it has to come from them basically .
Never mind- had enough but the owners will be hearing about their silly young case workers via media.
They were given plenty of time. Talk about stupid- just called them again they said we will call the guests and ask them their side

They guys clearly a nut case calling days after hes left at 5.30am .
I said NO you idiot youlll make it worse - cant you see your dealing with a head job most likely on drugs as well as grog.

There is no training fir case workers— kids with no idea.

Keep safe because dear after this i am not sure i want my family doing it- especially as i am away a lot.

Some things are just not worth the risk and there is ZERO reason to put up with harassment from guests who were relocated to another host because they were at the least unsuitable, and at the most, threatening.

Just one other thing for airbab staff. . Your supposed to send a comment link on your dealings with case workers.
Nothing-- Received a private email Mrs case worker - but you never send us a feed back report.
We were told the best way to bring problems to the eyes of the bosses was in the feedback report of the case worker.
Um mighty interesting none was sent. Then when we tried to email the case worker back from the email shes written-- it was deleted. So it appears possibly some case workings are shaving the feedback reports.
I think we should start our own and take police reports from both guests and hosts.
No police clearance- no booking. No police clearance as a host- no guests.

The way its run at the moment is putting people t high risk.
Especially female hosts-
Not good enough.