Not sure if I should report this listing, or book it

I decided to do some comparison shopping this week after a long-ish dry spell on my listing (no bookings or requests for almost two weeks) and came across this listing. Its about 2.5 miles from my place. And I have to admit I was curious. I have never seen a basketball playing elephant in my neighborhood.

I’ve seen a few of these fake listings and I don’t understand the purpose of them. It’s also quiet here on both the Airbnb side and the dog boarding side. I have 4 nights in a row open. I think it’s a post spring break lull.

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I hope it’s just a lull. I was thinking it may have been punishment for a request I declined a while back- the timing seems to fit.

Oddly, I thought January and February would be slow here, but it wasn’t. I am only about half booked for April right now, when I thought I’d be busier.

Do you think its one person, or a group of people just randomly posting quirky and ridiculous listings? If, so, they need to get a better hobby. I just assumed it was a drunk frat boy. If the map/address is accurate it’s right in the heart of student housing/fraternity row, so that would at least partly explain it. Some kid decided after an all night kegger that it would be a great way to make some extra cash, and be funny at the same time. Or maybe it was a dare or bet. It doesn’t cost anything to list, so why not? What surprises me is that it comes up on the bottom of the page on my listing as “similar listings”. Uh, what?

I am curious as to whether he’s gotten any bookings or inquires. No reviews yet, and looking at his calendar I think he has one night that is unavailable. Maybe it’s just finals week then…:joy:


April fools?

20 20 20

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Reminds me of this listing that I just found as I tried to figure out if I can attend, yet another, family funeral.

Could be, but it’s been up for at least a week. Maybe he planned ahead :smirk:

At many universities spring break is just ending.

Certainly not here. New England spring breaks are completely contained within the month of April. And each year they seem to reduce the length of the break. Not sure why that is true.

If I was in charge of Airbnb (what wishful thinking!) I would employ unpaid interns - wouldn’t every youngster like ‘worked for Airbnb’ on their resume? - to weed out all these fake and stupid listings. :slight_smile:

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Eek. Unpaid interns is not good and is becoming an anachronism. Didn’t you ever read Devil Wears Prada?? :wink:

Seriously though using unpaid help violates labor laws and should not be allowed. At least give them minimum wage.


Here (some years ago admittedly) students were more than happy to work for no pay during ‘work experience’ periods to enhance their resumes. But as I say, that was some time ago and I am out of date. :slight_smile:

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All I know is I have my first weekend off in months with both dogs and humans. I was supposed to have a couple of dogs here this weekend but the older of the pair is ill and I’m afraid he isn’t going to be around for me to board again.

We have been slow in April as well. March was crazy busy. Suddenly nothing for April… :frowning: