Not sure how to review this guest

A family just checked out after an 8-day stay. A couple of things happened and I’m not sure how/whether they should factor into my review.

  1. The kids are 9 months and 2 years old. One of my comforters and covers was smeared with feces - I’m guessing there was a diaper mishap. Otherwise, the apartment was left in pretty good shape. Is this kind of thing par for the course? I’m 6 months into hosting and this is only the 2nd time I’ve had diaper-aged kids in the unit. Is it worth mentioning in the review, or do I cut them a break on a morning where they had to get up at 3:30am to catch an early flight? (waking me up in the process…)

  2. One of the adults was smoking on the property when my policy clearly states no smoking - it took a couple of times speaking with her to get the point across, but I believe she then moved off the property to smoke. Bedding reeks of smoke all the same. Is it worth mentioning in the review that the guest is a heavy smoker, and hosts should be clear about where it is appropriate to smoke? It feels like she would feel singled out, especially since she did change her behavior, and was respectful and responsive to the feedback.

Thanks for your thoughts and time!

Absolutely yes.


I don’t want to host this family and I can’t imagine who does.


Thanks for the reality check!

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Many guests don’t hesitate to downgrade us on the slightest little thing. You’ll give early check in then they will give 3 stars for check in. These people are disgusting pigs as far as I’m concerned.


If it were just the diaper accident, and they contacted you as they were leaving and apologized profusely and offered to pay for cleaning, then the recommendation might be different. But as it happened - K9 has the right answer!


They probably changed the nappy on the bed without putting it mat or towel to protect it, not good.
Some people don’t allow smokers full stop. Heavy smokers can contaminate linen even if they don’t smoke in the property. Not good you had to ask her MORE than once to move the smoking off the property. They woke you up at 3.30am? Oh dear! Honest review please. I wouldn’t want them.


Thank you for this. I’ve messaged her about a couple of other things that were left behind before I found the sheets. No mention at all. Makes me think I’m the crazy one - but that’s in line with the oblivious disregard for the no smoking policy, I suppose.

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How’s this for a review?

(Guest name and their) family are lovely people to spend time with and were very patient when a problem with the apartment calm up. Unfortunately, an inadequate diaper change left it’s mark on the linens and a comforter. Hosts should know that this guest smokes and needs clear direction if/where it is appropriate to do so.

Is that too oblique?

You aren’t writing the review for the guests – you’re writing it for your fellow hosts! Be truthful and simple and to the point:

“Guests were reasonable, except for repeatedly smoking on the property after being asked to stop, and leaving baby poop smeared on the bed linens when they left. Cannot recommend.”


The baby should be given a free pass. I’ve had dog feces on my sofa and let it go. I think it is one of those things the parents/owners notice/don’t notice, especially when frazzled and in a hurry to checkout.

The smoker, as you say you had to tell her a couple of times, not just once. I’m sure future hosts would appreciate a heads up to make sure she wasn’t smoking at their place either. I’m sure she tries it on all the time.

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In response to;=

  1. This was deeply, deeply lacking in respect, let alone waking you up before leaving.

  2. In a nutshell, they broke your house rules, if that’s what you refer to by your policy.

I would be asking for cleaning costs, via Air, including all bedding etc Sadly you can’t take a pic of a smell but you can of the faeces. And thumbs done. You are not singling anyone out for no good reason. I want advance warning not to host them!

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I’d go a little farther since they were also noisy leaving.

“Guests would be better suited to a hotel given many factors, including their raucous departure at 3:30 a.m. to catch a flight, disregard for house rules against smoking and human waste left on a comforter.”


And that statement alone could get the review removed. The host has no idea who left the poop. Could have been any of them.

I changed it to “human waste.”

Is that censorship-proof?

I have to disagree. It wasn’t the baby’s fault, it was the parents! All they had to do was put something underneath while changing.


I’m not talking from experience but I’ve heard rumours that doesn’t always work.

The smoking thing happened with my last guests, who chain smoked on the porch for their 2 day stay.They left the cabin door open, so smoke permeated the living room and closest bedroom. I’m angry with myself for not saying something and not docking their stars. It was a first for us, but I won’t let it happen again. I’m adding No Smoking on the property to my listing narrative. So thankful I had 3 days before the next guest arrived, otherwise not sure what I would have done to dissipate the odor.

In the UK it is actually illegal to smoke in a place where people stay, ie–B&Bs and hotels.