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Not receiving reservation emails

For the first few months I didn’t have to access airbnb in order to learn about reservation requests or messages from guests. Then I wasn’t receiving those emails and probably lost some listings (and ratings) months ago. I was and still am rec’g email responses from the customer service people (response@airbnb), and I also receive log in notifications about accessing my account. What I no longer receive is anything regarding reservations. Two calls and an escalation hasn’t resolved the issue; I’m just told all my settings look correct and to make sure that the three suggested email addresses are loaded into my email account (YES, they ARE). So, not satisfied with the official airbnb solutionary thinking, I’m asking you other hosts if you’ve had similar issues and how it was resolved. Appreciate it. - CK

And you’ve checked your spam folder?

I don’t have this problem - did you also put your phone number in? My husband gets a text and I get and email to my phone. It’s always fun when his phone bings with a text and then mine bings with an email - cha ching!

Yes, forgot to add that I check my Junk, Deleted, Spam folder a couple times every day – right after I’ve already checked my airbnb messages and Dashboard. So I’d have expected to see an email in my regular email if there is either a mssg or reservation request in airbnb. Nothing in my personal email account. (and I don’t text. Loath cell phones except when traveling). Any other feedback/help/ideas? Thanks.

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Sorry, I don’t - it sounds incredibly frustrating.

The only other thing I would try (though it doesn’t necessarily sound logical) is to set up a new email account and just see if that fixes it.

I do know what you mean about the phones - and since I now get email on my phone I feel like I’m even more obsessed with checking it - ugh! But I’m running around a lot with my three kids and three jobs, so, I have to use it. Maybe, just maybe, as an experiment, set up a cell phone to receive the texts. Just to see if it works.

If neither of those works, then you KNOW it’s a glitch between your listing and your communication devices.

Sorry I can’t be of more help because this would drive me crazy!

I think this is a glitch… I received texts but not emails for my last booking a couple of days ago.

Yes, but try convincing airbnb of that. I think you also need to bombard them with specifics about your problem. I’m waiting feedback on my most recent attempt to escalate the problem. This time I told the phone rep who was going to jot things for the escalation to “repeat after me type exacty what I say” and provided short, very specific info on what I used to get, what I no longer get, and also what I still get - emphasizing that the only thing I don’t get emails about are reservation requests/inquiries/messages from guests.Also told them I check Junk and Spam, and have all their emails listed in my email account. Let’s see if giving them all the info correctly upfront directs them to a solution (perhaps the info from the phone reps weren’t specific enough). Good luck konacoconutz resolving your issue.

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Well Air has its glitches to be sure, but nothing like when they first started! Gotta say, back in the “good old days” the service was pretty funky! I’ve been an Air host for 5.5 years now! Almost from the start–when no one had heard of AirBnB!

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I have tried all of these suggestions but still receive no email messages from hosts or guests.
It’s VERY frustrating, as I only get short text messages now, and the rest of the messages are cut off. I also like to keep tab of my airbnb communications without having to use my PHONE.

Is there some stupid new setting that I’m overlooking? I don’t want people to text me, I want them to email me.

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