Not declining or pre-approving issue

Given the recent discussions on being penalised for declines, even for valid reasons given in hosts’ house rules, I’ve recently simply messaged two people to say sorry but we don’t take children, as detailed for safety reasons in our listing. For some reason, perhaps thankfully, I looked back into the thread of one of these this morning. Air have put up the statement " You can’t pre-approve this enquiry as these dates are unavailable in your calendar", yet when I went into my calendar, they are not blocked. I then checked the other one that I’d neither declined or pre-approved to find the same thing.

Any thoughts about this please? Perhaps I should call them to see what this might be about, but I’ll wait for Dublin to open…

So they show as available to you but do they show as available to prospective guests? This is odd.

I think I’ve sorted it with the resolution centre, apart from being cut off twice; at least they did call me back promptly. I have set a limit of up to five nights only, which precluded me pre-approving either enquiry, as both were for a longer period. However, I set that limit AFTER one of the enquiries for ten nights came in. The period in question is showing to prospective guests, as well in my calendar, so it is Air’s way of saying “you don’t want a ten night booking with a toddler and infant in tow, plus Dad will be swimming the Channel at all hours”. The CS person was very helpful, although she’d not seen anything similar before.

My main aim was to see if they said anything about my not declining the potential booking, with an opening to ask about penalties for declines.

I have never declined a booking.

If I had a booking request that included something I do not do, children in your case, I would reply that I am happy to accept but you do realise I do not take children and do you still wish to proceed otherwise you need to withdraw your request.

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Thanks for this. I love it being a gentle poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

I have always enjoyed playing games and I look at the AirBNB system with that mind set, seems to me that the system is akin to a not very well written set of rules that are constantly being tinkered with that just raise more illogicalities.

As they say there is more than one way to skin a cat, so I look at what I want to do and how I can do it in the system to my best advantage.

Often I think the ideal AirBnB Host should have been a Tax Lawyer in a previous life.

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Or a Barrister perhaps, although personally, my 20+ years of psych nursing has stood me in good stead!

Psych nursing would be a good fit.

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