Not all guests are horrid - we have some wonderful people staying with us now

As many of you know, we have a place in St Lucia that we rent out when we don’t use it. Beryl is a Cat 4 hurricane that is headed in our direction and supposed to impact us starting tomorrow morning around 6 AM. St Lucia has never been hit with a Cat 4 and the island has shut down and everyone is much more worried than usual (including me).

The good news is it looks like we may only get hit with a few inches of rain and tropical-storm winds. That’s not great, but it’s far less destructive than a Cat 4!

We have guests right now, and they have not only been calm and understanding about this, they have helped our staff prepare our home and we’ve ensured they are stocked up with food and water (and adult beverages, at their request :grinning:). I’ve stayed in touch with them via text, and everything seems to be as ready as we can be.

I’m just so relieved that we have understanding and helpful guests at a time like this! There are so many stories of selfish or entitled guests that I wanted to share one of guests that understand that the host does not control the weather and that not all vacations will be perfect.


Hope your place is okay and it’s
wonderful that you have sane and understanding guests.

And a “perfect” vacation is very subjective. Some guests might actually enjoy an adventure like preparing for a hurricane and battening down the hatches. At least it’s something different they can tell their friends and family about. Not just sightseeing, swimming and going out to eat.


Great to hear your guests are being so understanding, in addition to helping the staff prep. I absolutely love Saint Lucia, & hope it doesn’t take the brunt of this storm. Thoughts are with you, & best of luck to your guests.
Do keep us posted on how your place does.


Please keep us posted! St. Lucia is one of my most favorite islands and I’ve been worried about you all weekend.

Are your guests from Florida? :wink: our state is well known for hunkering down with adult beverages and a party attitude.

What a relief that you have actual kind, grown-up people who understand the weather isn’t under your control and that it’s not your fault if the ocean isn’t blue enough…, right @jaquo


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Unbelievable, right? But that’s what she said!


I just read this, from 8:30pm Sunday,
I hope that you are ok
“Everyone in Saint Lucia seems to be doing OK. Luckily, our power has held up, and I think that we got the best-case scenario of what could’ve happened,” he said. “It definitely could have been a lot, lot worse.”

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For anyone that is interested: St Lucia made it through Beryl with some damage but no reported loss of life. Most of the more significant damage is flooding in the towns of Soufriere and Laborie due to storm surge. In general, the damage is minimal, especially when compared to what it could have been, and the devastation in the Grenadine Islands.

Our place came through without significant issue. Just a loss of power for a few hours when the transformer in town failed. The last time we had a storm like this we lost power for over two days, so I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the power was restored in five hours.


Good to hear that no one got killed and that your place is intact. What a relief this must be.

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Glad to hear no significant damage, @PitonView. I’ve been through a a few near hurricane hits here in Mexico and know what it looks like- broken branches all over the ground, maybe some downed power lines and some flooding, maybe telecommunications out for awhile. Certainly nothing like a direct hit, but takes awhile to clean things up.