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Not a morning person?


Just curious how to deal with guests in the morning when I’m not a morning person? lol it sounds silly but I’m really not. I am not keen on full, lengthy conversations immediately after waking. I’m a live-in host.

Usually it’s not an issue at all because I get up after guests are gone for the day due to the fact that I work from my home office, but I was just thinking about it this morning because I have to be somewhere physically for work for a change and thus got up very early, and my guest was already up and wanting to talk, so then I had to avoid my kitchen (and breakfast) for a bit until he departed so I could avoid heavy conversation.

I do have some wording in my listing that indicates I don’t socialize heavily with guests in general, but I’d like a way to handle it in the future to make sure I don’t come off as rude/dismissive. Ideas?


LOL I just grunt and mumble incoherently until I’ve been up at least an hour, luckily the guests are not in our home. I would have to put " please be aware I’m grumpy before breakfast and always pleasant after"


Guest says something you are socially expected to respond to
You say “Oh?” “Oh dear” or “Oh! Wonderful!” (Whatever is most appropriate) and follow up as quickly as possible with a “I’m so sorry i can’t chat longer, but if you need anything please text me” and then flee.

Guest, Tuesday morning as they’re waiting for their can to the airport: Who washed the baby Thursday night?
Me: um (it was 5 days ago. I don’t even know who was president 5 days ago) My husband, I think.
Guest: because there was a turd in the tub.
Me: Oh. Oh dear! That’s life with babies! Gotta go! (Pushes stroller away very fast)

…you can maybe borrow someone’s baby? (I’d love to chat more, but I’ve got to help my friend with their sick baby) (I’d love to chat more, but I’ve got a government to overthrow)

… you know, normal but inarguable stuff like that…


set up a coffee pot and in your bedroom, with a morning snack, Dont come out.


This is where I’d have to hand it to those who share homes with guests. I really don’t know how you do it!


“Well, I’ll let you get on with your day. Enjoy yourselves.” (Unless they’re here for a funeral, then skip the enjoy part) (Walk away) Yes,sigh, that does evict you from your own kitchen.
And at check in "I’m sure you want to relax after your travels, so I won’t keep you. Text meif you need anything. (walk away)
My unit is separate, so I have the advantage of just being able to hide although the extravert guests do pounce if they see me walking the dogs, taking out the trash, or puttering in the garage.
Visiting family noticed my new kitchen door curtain – I explained that’s so guests can’t peer in and bang on the door to get my attention. And true confessions I have actually stopped and ducked down to hide in the front seat of my car if they are coming out when I am pulling in. Shhhh.


Bahahahah. I’ve hidden from guests too. Even though I have a separate space I don’t really socialize unless we have really hit it off or they invite me (rare.)

I’ve hidden in my car, waited near by house until they have gone in, or avoided walking out until they have driven away. I haven’t hidden in the bushes yet, like Sean Spicey!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::sunglasses:


You do realize you’re in the hospitality business? Seriously. It’s not hard to make your breakfast and coffee and listen to small talk and say ‘sorry I’ll be out of your way in a moment, I’ve got to rush for work sorry but do have a lovely day!’.

I would also consider taking up a morning exercise routine to get out of the house while the guests are getting up and breakfast and then you might come home a bit brighter and energerised for your day st home to work. It’s nadty and challenging as I’m not a morning person either but I feel great when I do it.


It may or may not work for you , but I avoided this by simply revoking kitchen access and fitting a lock on the door to the living room so the guest only has their room and the bathroom and exit. Big relief. Works for me.


Yes we do this. There’s no lock on the door but guests have never tried to come into the kitchen/living room. They get their bedroom and their bathroom only, so we rarely see them.
Of course we make this very clear in the listing


That’s how it was here too, until one oaf barged in unannounced. Time for a lock on that door!


Southernbuckeye is suggesting it IS difficult to do that in the morning.
What’s that? Not chirpy in the morning? try being ‘chirpy’ in the morning, hope this helps.

@southernbuckeye, if you bump into guests (don’t forget, they may not be up whilst you’re up and getting ready) I’d own up to it, saying something like “sorry, can’t function till my 3rd coffee” and ham up the ‘one-eye open’ shuffling.


Actually, that’s not what I said at all, if you’re going to paraphrase me, please translate correctly. I actually provided a polite way of palming the guests off.


I have this same issue…i rent rooms in my home,am a tour guide and offer tips and trip planning as part of my service to guests.but I also don’t enjoy extended conversation in the morning at all.
I invite my guest on check in to sit in the living room with me to tell me about plans,go over recommendations and maps and a hiking guide.
I set aside that time to do so…but I also mention I’m not a morning person so the morning is not a good time to go over everything…but they can also text me during their stay with questions…usuallu that eorks,and hiding in my room.


Coffee maker, mini fridge and snacks in your bedroom. Kept me sane back in the day when I was the room renter.