Not a "bad" guest, but not a great one either

I’ve been hosting for 2 over years. Apart from a handful of bad guests, who were reviewed appropriately, It’s been pretty issue free hosting for me. I’m now a super host with over 100 guests and reviews. The last guests left the place kinda dirty, but not beyond standard levels. However, what really bothered me was a stain on the sofa that they tried to cover up by flipping the cushion. They also clogged the toilet to a degree that a standard plunger had no effect (never been an issue before). I had to buy a snake and dislodged a huge mass of toilet paper. I’m not sure if I should go out of my way to review these guests, and risk a bad review, or just wait to see if they review me first. The issues are pretty minor, but I just found it inconsiderate to attempt to hide stuff from me.

Have you raise the issues of the sofa with BNB and asked for cost of cleaning/replacement?

I think you should review every guest - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Mention any good points about these guest and then mention that they stained the sofa and then try to hide it and clogged up your toilet.

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My criteria for reviewing a guest is as follow:

  • How was communication?
  • Did they follow the house rules?
  • Were they clean? or so.
  • Will I host them again?

I will mention that they tried to hide the stain. The clogged toilet, it happens.


They deserve a bad review, not that much for the damage they caused (accidents happen) but because they were not upfront about it.

If guests damaged something or clogged the toilet I would expect that they inform me (asap for the toilet and during checkout for the sofa), I would be quite upset to discover it after they left.

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