Non Refundable but only with travel cancellation insurance?

Things happen - but the latest coms with a BDC guest - Vale, gracias, esperaremos pero seguro anulamos - let me think about non-refundable with a steep discount BUT only if the guest has or acknowledges to have travel cancellation insurance. Here in Europe this is cheap like 5 days 25€ within Spain. Or 2 guests 7 days 1000€ value - premium 42€
I m inclined to actually ask an insurer if this can be done automatically for my guests… this probably will raise data protection issues …

At present it is just an idea but… would love your feedback.

Sorry don’t understand your question, what are you trying to achieve @LifeinGalicia ?

I see no benefit at all to discounting. I have always had strict cancellation policy and I never discount, I never lower prices I have only increased them.



Good for you - I do see hesitancy and cancellations due to the still uncertain situation here in Spain.

Non refundable - is not really non refundable as both Air and BdC can wriggle out on behalf of the guest and they frequently do - potentially leaving you with nothing.

That is what I would like to avoid.

WellI don’t know about BDC but you can’t do this on Airbnb. The non-refundable option is something a host can offer, but it is up to the guest as to whether to choose that option, or your regular cancellation policy.

There is no option for the host to force the guest to use non-refundable.

The property management companies include an add on fee to pay for the required (sometimes optional) trip insurance so maybe it can…you can always ask about coverage for rentals that are not Airbnb


I think it is a great idea. IMO, it is too forward-thinking and progressive for Air. A great idea, though.

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The best way to do this is to take control and have your own website, do your own promoting and do without either Airbnb or BDC. I’m pretty sure that there’s no way to do it with them.

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The management company (originator of page I posted), lists on VRBO/Homeaway, company site, Airbnb & a couple additional sites.

On the Airbnb listing, their house rules awkwardly state bookings made via Airbnb are subject to the cancellation policies posted on Airbnb which may differ(should say will differ) from the polices on the other booking platforms they use.

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That’s a subtle way to send guests looking for the same listing on other platforms, just to see what’s different.

Thanks and very interesting. Although 6.9% is fairly hefty… I m looking @ 3-4% but that’s in Europe…

On my own website I do get full interaction with the guests - no problem there. But as a small operator I just don´t have the time ormoney to spend on dev & social etc to gain max SEO/SEM.

So I do pay a certain % to get customers but these are not mine they remain the “property” of the platform. These also have now successfuly shifted any risk to me.

I just look at ways to guarantee some sustainable income for small operators specifically when working with short seasons.

If you’ve got an hour a week, you’ve got time. :slight_smile:

I am definitely a ‘small operator’ (two apartments) and although I don’t think it’s possible to ever 100% guarantee income (how many of us saw Covid coming?) it’s definitely possible. After all, several of us here managed well before Airbnb or even the internet.

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yes that was before IB (instant booking), one way flights, telefones still had rotary dials, third party liability was not mandatory, three levels of government tourist guidelines did not exists, registration of business was informal, and so on …

Covid is not the problem using it as an excuse for everything is

I’ve got mine on flexible. a guy just cancelled with no penalty due to the fact I informed him about track work on the railway line nearby.

Feel for you in Spain. Must be extremely difficult.

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