Non iron sheets, any tips


The questions if for people taking care of the cleaning, do you iron your guests sheets, if not any tips on it?


No I buy easy sheets 70% cotton 30% poly no complaints.

It all has to do with guest expectations…are you providing a pricey 5 Star Hotel like experience? Then you might get a sheet and towel service to provide you with ironed sheets and fluffy white towels. If you are renting out a room for little money then clean, stain-free sheets that are washed and carefully folded (to make them less wrinkly) should be fine…you set the standard…but all depends on how much you charge your guest…higher price, higher guest expectations.

Thanks your tips.
Is it better to have white sheets or with color do you think?

I heard that clients think that white are cleaner.

check out

I iron my sheets and yes it clearly makes a huge difference not only to the look but also the feel. Also when you iron your sheets you catch any loose hairs that might stick through the dryer. Tips are get no higher then 350-400 thread count, do not dry on high heat and sheets should be almost dry so just a touch of dampness to iron. The fitted sheet iron just the top, the top sheet fold in half and iron that way and of course the pillow cases.


A few minutes on the wrinkle release/steam cycle in the dryer will solve the ironing dilemma.

Great tips. I will look for a new dryer

I use to; not anymore.Buy cotton and polyester. Also, I pull the sheets out of dryer and either put them on the bed immediately. f Im using clean folded sheets I spray w water and throw in the dryer for 5 minutes to get all the wrinkles out.I only press the pilowcases.

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I only have 400 thread count or higher 100% cotton sheets but I would never iron them. My cleaning person, however, does a fabulous job of folding them when they come out of the dryer. I don’t know how she does it.

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I only iron them when I have the time, for example a booking coming in a couple of days. But most I got is last minute bookings, so I decided not to iron. For the moment no complaints. I think my price is a very good deal, although there are lower prices in my area (the lowest allowed by airbnb). I use both wite and dark grey fitted bedsheets. Good luck :slight_smile:

I had a lovely host stay here some months ago as I’ve adopted her tip. She has an extension cord and irons the sheets when they are on the bed. Works a treat :slight_smile:


I have 100% cotton sheets. And I do get them ironed. Guests have commented often on how nice the bed linen is. I did use a poly cotton mix but I also bought some for us to use ourselves and hated the feel, so god rid of them.
I use white so they can be soaked with a fibre optic whitener (don’t use bleach unless you absolutely have to as eventually that will yellow them) and I send them out to get ironed. If that’s a service that’s available in your area I’d recommend it. I don’t get the fitted sheet for the bottom ironed and on weeks when I have back to back guests and can’t get them ironed I just iron the turn-down and the pillow slips.

I am taking over a STR and I was surprised at the sheets not being ironed and colored. I found it disgusting. I don’t think I would have liked to sleep in such bed. I brought home all the sheets to clean, wash and iron them. I do iron my sheets, to me, it makes a great difference! The only digression is during summer, but then I wash my sheets in the morning, hang them in the sun and put them back on the bed. I don’t have a dryer, for as much as I’d like to, as they are very expensive here.

I have also found stains on the white mattress sheet and it has been impossible to remove them. I have been trying all week with all sort of things, to no avail.

When i take them out of the dryer i put them over a hanger so they dont crease. I fold my duvets down 1/3 of the way on a fresh bed and just 2 seconds when on the bed with the iron is excellent.

The very first thing I do when getting the apartment ready (after checking for left belongings, food spills and flushing the loo) is put the fitted sheet on the bed. Then I lay the duvet cover over it and tuck it in.

Then, when the rest of the rental is ready, make the bed. By this time, the fitted sheet and the duvet are more or less wrinkle free.

I iron the pillowcases. I also run the iron over the edge of the flat sheet while it’s on the bed. Unless I am really pressed (no pun intended) for time, in which case all bets are off and clean and slightly wrinkled will just have to do.

First and foremost I buy a blend. Usually 50/50 or 60/40 never 100% cotton. I prefer a crisp hotel like sheet when I travel. At our VR , the pattern is to fold top sheet warm out of dryer and try to keep top hem smooth, then we just iron the pillowcases.

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