Non cancelable rate


Someone book our appartment 8 month ago with a discount for one week next week (beginning of august) for a non cancelable rate. Due to fire the event that was to take place (a rally) has been canceled.

Would you due a gesture in this case, and yes how much?

I understand that you have a strict policy? You shouldn’t give any refund then just tell them thats the policy and that its too late for someone else to book now :slight_smile:

Well they booked and paid in direct with a non cancelable rate (to avoid airbnb rate) and got a discount for that special offer.

Ah, well. If you go outside of Airbnb, then there’s the problem. Personally if it’s non-cancelable, it’s non-cancelable, come hell, high water or the end of the world as we know it…

It is not your fault, or your business that the guest’s event was cancelled, for whatever reason. Surely the guest can come stay at your place and enjoy themselves without some special event. If they choose not to, then that’s their business, not yours.

In short – do not give a refund.


I would offer to list it for rent and give them back whatever you can get for those dates.

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Not your problem, next time they should book cancelation insurance.

I would offer them a discount on a future stay, but not give them any money back.

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No it was direct no
I like that idea.

Like 50% for a future stay of the amount that was paid?

Well, that is thing with the terms: you gave a discount to exactly avoid the problem that you are out of the business and $$$ if and when the guests feels inclined to cancel.

The guest assumed the risk.

I am kind of tired of taking a fincial loss on situations where a guest now suddenly thinks they can turn their financial responsibility on a financial loss for me and it is just fine. No, it is not fine. Get travel insurance etc …or book where a host has a flexible cancellation policy.

And, yeah …don’t we all go soft and try to make up with a discount on a later stay …

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The fact that the purpose of the guest’s intended stay changed, whether due to cancellation or postponement or whatever, should not be of your concern and does not warrant any adjustment to the cost of their reservation. Their situation is unfortunate and may deserve some sympathy but beyond that, you should not feel obligated to reduce your income and penalize yourself by allowing them to walk away unscathed.

Remind yourself that you are running a business and those dates have been blocked on your calendar to others.

I just read your reply and it appears you will be adjusting the rate to their benefit. (sigh) Everyone runs their business as they see fit.

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The point is I want them to free to make my calendar free so avoiding that they come (It’s a very high season time, I should be able to rebook)

WHY? They’ve paid. You have the money. It’s their decision not to come. Keep the money and relax for the week.


It’s 100% up to you.

You can keep the money and tell them tough - they booked a non-refundable stay.

You can have them cancel with the understanding that you’ll only be able to refund the portion you can re-book.

You can refund them with no guarantee that you’ll re-book the dates.

Any of those solutions is fine, it’s your choice as a host. I don’t think it’s fair for them to expect a refund; I dislike this trend toward people entering into agreements that they back out on when the terms no longer suit them.


I agree with the advice to tell them you will refund their money if you can get a replacement booking for those dates. If you have to discount further than their price, they lose the difference. If you get more than they paid you, you keep the difference and give them their money back.

You aren’t an insurance company.

This is what travel insurance is for! I am going to a wedding overseas in oct and taking a weeks break around it to make a mini holiday. If the couple breaks up and wedding gets cancelled should the hotel and two Airbnb’s I have booked for $1500 wear it? No, I will go and make the most of it or I will claim it all back on my travel insurance I bought with proof of the wedding cancellation.

It’s about personal responsibility by guests.

I believe in karma and always do what I think is right. If it’s not an issue to re-book then be kind and give them their money back. I think to myself - how would I like to be treated, even if I never asked to be reimbursed? I know there is travel insurance and people should be prepared but life is always full of what 'ifs". Being kind is one of the things we can do easily and makes us civilized - I miss kindness in this day and age. If it’s not a burden to you - do what you think is right and work with people.

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Is there a chance this could happen? :joy:

Pretty sure regular Travel Insurance would not cover wedding cancellations so definitely something to check if needed.

Actually most do cover special event cancellations, mine certainly does but yes good idea to check

Hopefully no on the breakup but I’ve booked the most romantic holiday for one anyway :dancer: business class flights :airplane:️With flat bed (4 hour flight but hey, why not it was on sale!); 5 star hotel and opera night 1; fly to beach with a beach house for 4 nights with outdoor spa; all day snorkeling tour; then off for 2 nights in a beautiful old cottage with a claw foot bath surrounded by wineries I can bicycle to for 2 days.

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