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Noisy guests at night


Hey there,

I’m a longtime lurker, but first time poster! I’m in the US and have been running an Airbnb out of my guest house behind my main house. I have a path that goes from front of my house to the back of house to reach the guesthouse. Guests walk down this path between mine and my neighbors house for entry. Our houses are close together. I have a smartlock with self check in. My neighbor recently complained that people are loud when walking down the path late at night. Do you guys have tips that I can implement to help guests keep the noise down when they are on my path? Thanks!

  1. Tell guests to be quiet on the path after a certain hour and put it in house rules. Remind them in their check in message.
  2. Perhaps get a sign to put along the path to remind them.
  3. Build a fence between the path and the neighbor’s house.
  4. Install a video camera with sound that is motion activated and listen for yourself.
  5. Send noisy guests a reminder via text or the app
  6. Send the neighbor a thank you note and gift (bottle of wine, snack basket) to thank them for bringing the issue to your attention.


Install “Noise Aware” and be sure to let all guests know in advance that silence is expected during the entry path walk. The Notification from Noise Aware will immediately let you know if the guests are loud. Here is their link: https://noiseaware.io

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