Noise monitoring-Airbnb party prevention

This is not easy to find on the Airbnb website. Airbnb offers discounts on sound level monitors.

In addition to messaging the owner’s phone, at least one of the devices can message phones within the property when the owner is notified. In other words the party goers are notified “they are busted”.

This is in another thread. I thought I would share so more may see it


I got the Minut when it was newly offered and discounted. I didn’t get the upgrade monitoring but could do so at any time. The free plan has an app that monitors sound, temperature, humidity and movement. When a smoke alarm goes off, my phone goes off with a notification. You can use multiple units for monitoring but we only have one bc of the way the house is built.

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I turn the security alarm on when the house is empty and it tells me if there is movement in the areas designated.

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