Noise level monitoring?

I have a spare old iPhone which I want to use for remote monitoring of noise level at the Airbnb apartment. Noise is the primary reason for neighbor complaints here.
Can anyone suggest an app which can do this? Ideally it would send me a notification on my phone when noise level exceeds a certain point.

What you need is an app that monitors dB also known as the decibel level. I’d bet my last dollar there is an app out there for engineer which does that. Not sure whether such an app would send you a message. You would need to know what is an acceptable level of noise and what is too loud.

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Would this be a violation of privacy?

I was thinking the same thing like konacoconutz.

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No it wouldn’t, since the app would not record nor transmit the sounds. It would just measure the decibels.


Still I would not like it as a guest. Going on vacation, choosing Airbnb, I would like to have some trust of the host. I would dislike it strongly to be met with monitoring cameras, audio meters, etc.

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We would ensure the noise sensor is non-intrusive. It would not even be mentioned to guests. As hosts, we are responsible not just to please the guests, but to ensure they do not disturb the neighbors, This is also in our own interest, since noise complaints are frequently the source of trouble, which can ultimately (and have in fact) lead to closure of listings.

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Here is a device that does this. But I think buying one is overkill since I can just use my spare iphone.

Quote : > Common events that hosts want Point to recognize are cigarette smoke, loud noises (especially late at night), a fire alarm going off, or a broken window. Point will recognize all these events and notify you through a mobile app.

It s can be very good to proof that it was a party or event.

I’m not an total expert on sound but I do have a lot of experience. My principle job is musician and composer but I have a little studio (and have had for many years), I’ve worked in lots of commercial recording studios and I’ve done a lot of sound design for theatre and I’ve done quite a lots of live sound work with PA sound systems. Sometimes these systems have been tiny and intended only to fill a bar, sometimes they have been huge and intended to project sound right across a field at a festival. My view is that using an app on an iPhone is never going to produce any kind of useful data. Certainly nothing that could ever be used as evidence in a dispute. There are just too many variables. To begin with, the limitations of the microphone. The mics built in to phones these days are pretty good but I’m not sure that one could rely on their accuracy across the frequency range. And where would you position the iPhone? This would have a huge influence over the results. Different frequencies travel in different ways through different materials. We’ve probably all had the experience of the loud party next door and all you can hear are the bass frequencies. And even if you could work around these issues, I’ve never seen an app that would enable you to record the time and duration of any peaks in sound levels. Sorry to rain on your parade but I just can’t see this working.

Thanks for the input. With millions of apps out there, and thousands of members here, who knows? That is precisely why I’m asking for a reference.
Limitations of the microphone could theoretically be accommodated with proper placement and calibration. I would place it in a cupboard in the living room.

But how would you correlate the sound pressure levels in the cupboard with the level percieved by the neighbours?

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Good question. In that case, maybe place it in the next room?


hi guys,

I rent out my property in the Nice and in Madrid and I used to have noise complaints from neighbours all the time…

I bought this device (Roomonitor), which drastically improved the relationships with my neighbours and clients as the stats could be used as evidence.

If you contact them, they usually can give discounts. They cut me a good deal after having spoken to them on the phone!

Hope this helps!