Noise complaint

Today a guest complained about noise coming from the other apartments above where she is staying. One is an Airbnb guest and another is a long term tenant. Apparently she could hear someone ‘cough-barking’ last night and taking a shower a 5am. She found it unbearable and wanted a refund in full eventhough she had already spent two nights. I apologized, faux-offered to speak to other occupants (one of which is another Airbnb guest) and explained that she is only entitled to a 50% discount. She has decided to stay. Tonight I received a barrage of updates about hearing a washer, a bath, etc. Never had complaints about noise before and have had about 100 guests in that apt. I am thinking I should just ignore her but that would make me a bad body a get low marks for communication. Pretty sure this will be a 1 star review no matter what happens.

You could tell her most people who live or stay in apartments are accustomed to noise (eg your other 100 guests!) and suggest next time she book a standalone house.

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DO NOT Worry about a bad review. At this point I would ignore any more complaints – what can you do, anyway, prowl the halls at night? Give her a factual review “guest was pleasant but seemed overly sensitive to presence of other guests.”

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How often has many of us stayed in a hotel, motel or lived in an apartment and been bothered by people in another room. It’s a fact of life out of your control. It sounds like this person is super sensitive to noise. She should travel with a white noise sound machine or portable fan. BTW, they are a good thing to have on hand to offer guests.


Ugh. Sorry you’re going through this. I had a guest like this - once.

I would offer her earplugs and mention that water pipes, taps and washing machines are not silent.


That’s a good idea. We have a fan, I’ll tell her to turn it on. But she will probably find it too noisy lol.

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Yup, this one is a lost cause. Nothing you can do, as this person would be the type to complain about birds singing outside. Review them as such. If she books with me I will hear a complaint about crashing surf and humpback whales making noise. (I’m serious, you can hear the whales from my house!)