Noise aware and similar products

I remember there has been a discussion here recently but I am not able to find it. Searching for noise will just bring up some old topics about noiseaware. Is there anything else comparable? I mean that is nice but I just want to buy a product being fully informed.
What i don’t like about it is that the inside one has to be plugged in. What if my guests unplug it? then I won’t be able to receive any info whatsoever. i was wondering if there was something that can be screwed in place. I remember the topic i saw was talking about a device that looked like a fire detector and that allowed the hosts to hear the conversations.
Anyone has any of these? Thanks.

Wow. If I were a guest, I really wouldn’t want to stay at a place with that!

Not what you’re asking about, I know. But to help prevent guests from hearing other guests, we provide each bedroom with a small but powerful electric fan. They’re retro and attractive-looking. Not expensive. But they put out a surprising amount of air and provide a type of white noise. Lots of our guests use them. They’re Vornado brand. Got them from Amazon.

Listening to conversation would be eavesdropping. It’s probably illegal in your state without the guest giving explicit permission. Also bookings will plummet and complaints to Airbnb and you’re probably going to be delisted.


She’s gotten a complaint from neighbors about guests who were noisy late at night.

The inside one needs to be plugged in, but it does have a screw that holds it to the outlet. I’d disclose it in the house rules and treat it the same way as a guest disabling a security camera or smoke detector. Basically “plug that back in or else”.

That’s so sketchy. I’d hope Air would reimburse any guest whose private conversations were subject to review. My understanding was that Noise Aware and the like report dB volumes, not the actual content of conversations. This other thing is more like a bug.

I thought you hosted on-site? Have you found many issues with loud guests? My guests sometimes get a little loud after hitting the wineries, but nothing that would push me to implement this kind of system. I agree with RebeccaF, that this is over the line for me in terms of monitoring.

RebccaF I don’t want to listen to what my guests are talking about. I have better things to do. I just want to know if they are having a damn party in order to prevent my neighbors from calling the police, like it happened 2 nights ago. What would you do in my place?

Trying to figure out if outdoor video cams are the enough or I need the noise detector too. Yeah in a perfect world the guests will be nice and respectful and the hosts wont need any of this technology!

I host on site my son’s room - for 9 months per year and I have a whole separate house where the guests who left this morning threw a party that my next door neighbor called the cops at 4 am because the noise was too much.

If it hasn’t been suggested, maybe enlist the help of the neighbors all around you. Ask them to let you know first if they have any noise complaints. Explain the importance of giving you the chance to address the issue first.

I did suggest that on her post about the initial complaint. But nipping in bud before it even gets to that stage is a good idea.

RebeccaF I am of the opinion that it is not my neighbors duty to police my house. It is my duty not to bother them. I want to nip in the bud these things.

The neighbor in question sent me a text asking to tone down the noise at the party. That was at 9PM. I was actually a guest in someone’s house myself and i don’t glance at the phone when I’m invited to dinner. By the time I got home it was 11:30PM and only then I saw my neighbor’s message. I called the guest. She didn’t answer. Left a message on her phone. Also sent the guest about 3 texts asking to tone down the volume, to get the people in her party inside. I assumed they must have gone to sleep.

The next thing I know next morning the guest excused themselves for partying because they were on west coast time!?!? No mention about cops.

Today my neighbor told me about the cops. I’m pissed.

I’m not even remotely interested in what my guests are talking about. I just want to be able to tell them via a device -any device - to break the party if they don’t want to be evicted. Because there are no parties allowed in my house rules and they were so drunk they didn’t hear the phone and the only phone # I knew was of the woman who booked the place.

If you don’t pay attention to your phone when you’re busy, how would such a device alert you?

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You’re the one who brought up hearing guests’ conversations.

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You may be thinking of the Minut Point ( It does not allow you to listen to the conversation, but it allows you to be notified when a set decibel level is exceeded. It also does other monitoring (for instance, temperature and humidity).

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