No Visitors - even sweet and good looking ones

A young guest (18 & delightful) on holiday from Europe on her gap year is staying with us for 5 nights. Tonight will be her 3rd night. She is away on a tour today.

Yesterday she was on another tour and an equally delightful young man on the tour offered to drive her home to our place. They sat and chatted with us and then when we went out they both migrated to her bedroom . He left around 9 pm.

Our rules state No Visitors. This is her first Airbnb stay. We didn’t discuss it with her as she left very early this morning and will be back in a couple of hours. We just want her to enjoy herself and if that meant her new boy/man coming to visit we don’t really see that as a big problem.

This thing is we have another young single girl also from Europe checking in this evening so I formed the view that the new guest had every right to expect us to follow our Rules in which case I needed to ensure that the relationship didn’t continue on the premises.

I didn’t want a situation where he arrived and we had to speak to them about it and I also felt that it is the sort of thing that should be on the Airbnb record in case a bad review comes of all this regardless of everyone’s best intentions.

So I messaged her on the Airbnb app as follows:

Trust you’re having a great day in the jungle Sarina (not her real name). Just to let you know that another Airbnb guest Christine will be checking into the other room this evening. As this may be your first Airbnb stay just a reminder that one of the rules is ‘No Visitors’ regardless of how sweet and good looking :slight_smile:

PS We love hosting you.

What do we think about this?

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Personally I think it’s always best to say these things in person and then follow up on Airbnb. @JohnnyAir However the note is sweet.

I think though you gave off mixed messages as you welcomed him into your home and chatted with him.

I think the note seems fine perhaps reinforce in person that it is fine for him to pick her up and drop her off but not to visit and particularly not to take him up to her room. (how do you know she did that when you went out by the way).

Our house is on the same level. His car was still outside when we returned. We heard someone use the bathroom, a door closed and his car was gone.

Ah ha mystery solved :):blush:

Thank you Miss Marple

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Very sweet note and to the point. Also say it in person with the same tone. She’ll probably be mortified she broke a rule. My neighbor has a gap year girl staying right now and she’s so thoughtful and mature.

In a way you sent out a mixed message by entertaining this young man. Also, if she didn’t really know him, anything could have happened.

Two of us here have advanced PTSD and strangers are not welcome.

"I am very sorry, but we do not permit visitors. However there is a very good resto…’

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Yes we chatted for a few minutes on our front patio. He was a deckie on the reef tour boat. It would have been unthinkable to ask him to leave the moment he dropped her off. I hesitate to tempt fate but where we live has been very safe to date.

Your call. But if you are firm on no visitors it’s more than a little confusing for guest and guest of guest.

Your message to the guest is very nice and I’m sure that she’ll appreciate the tone.

I don’t understand though - you said that your rules state no visitors and yet you sat and chatted with them. You’re breaking your own rules.

The question is, why do you have this rule and how can you enforce it? And why didn’t you in this instance? Because of a pretty face? :blush:

No I don’t think so. That comment was more of an inside joke for her benefit. I think the reason that we didn’t ask him to leave immediately (after he gave us 3 mangos from his home garden. Did I mention that?) is that our Air business is also our home and we have been engaging cordially with visitors on our front patio for 35 years and sometimes it’s hard to break that habit.

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Hi JhonnyAir,
We also offer private rooms to guests in our home.
Sometimes they want to bring in a family member or friend for social, or logistic reasons.
In our guidelines - which are printed and displayed in every room, we say that all visitors must be introduced to us and approved, and most importantly we photo copy photo ID of every single person that goes upstairs to the bedroom area.
I also tell guests and their visitors that if they are staying overnight (doesn’t happen often) there may be an additional guest fee for utilities.
We brought this policy in after we learnt the hard way, being too naive & lenient and allowing a young man to bring in his new girlfriend who thought it was fine to scream the house down over and over during their weird s&m sex sessions, while smoking copious amounts of weed in the bedroom.
We also had other guests in house at the time.
They both got kicked out that night, and we said “Never Ever Again” & realised that we had in fact allowed this to happen.
Somehow ID’ing the visitors keeps them on their best behaviour.
No such problems since.

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Yes. Well. Unusual combination - weed and screaming!


Ah no, you didn’t. That’s different then. :rofl:

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