No smoking what to do


Every time I do the check in, I say to the clients that smoking is forbidden inside the appartment (the appartment is above our appartment). Today we are smelling smokes from aboves (so meaning they had smoked inside). What should we do in this case?

Should we start to have a written rule that if they do follow, we will charge x dollars?

Thanks for your opinion

I would suggest so.

Also, I don’t know what platform this booking is on but I would cancel their stay immediately. Smoke smell is awful and I wouldn’t take a chance on them complying. You already told them once, they don’t need another chance.

This case it’s a direct booking on my website for this week end.

What kind of sum should I put in the future for this kind of smoking behavior ?

I’m not sure but it should be high enough to deter the smoking and cover your costs of removing the smell. If it’s a whole house with rugs, sofas, drapes… all those things need to be aired out or cleaned. If I remember you are in a northern location where opening it up to air it out is going to cost you a big heating bill.

If you can smell in in your apartment think how much it has invaded everything in the apartment where they are smoking!

If you don’t want to get them out for breaking your rules, then you need to go and speak to the guests at once.


Walk upstairs and confront them! "What part of NO SMOKING did you not understand??? I could evict you right now for violating the House Rules, but this time I’m only going to fine you.

Fine them at least twice the price of a carton (not pack, carton) of cigarettes.


I have had the same issue and we have no smoking posted on our property. SOOOO I added very direct and strict language to my houserules and indicated there is no smoking on our propety - we have an 18 acre farm - and I added that if you smoke on our property you shall be asked to leave and we have done so! We do not allow it at all since people who smoke have the ordor in their clothes and everywhere and it is very hard to get rid of the smell. I would ask them to leave and tell Airbnb they broke your houserules. If they deny it say you have evidence since your airduct system is connected to the above apattment. Good luck,