No Review Prompt by Airbnb

I’ve had two separate bookings check out over the last ten days and not ONE prompt for a review from Airbnb or any sign the guests have left review? I’m a super host and generally receive prompts immediately, and twice again before the time to review expires. For the last two bookings…. CRICKETS! Anyone else having this issue???

Also… where can I find a link to just review myself??

Dashboard > Stats > View all reviews > Reviews by you

Here it lists the reviews you can still write above the ones you previously submitted.

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Thanks Lucy,
Still strange not to be prompted and makes me wonder if guests aren’t getting prompted either. I doubt a guest would go OUT of their way to review… hmmm… curious x

Nope… STILL can’t review… mitt have to go direct to airbnb
the notice says
Reviews to Write
Nobody to review right now. Looks like it’s time for another trip!

Lala – you’re looking at reviews you have not written for trips you’ve taken… Look where it says Reviews About You, not Reviews You’ve Written. It may be there. I can’t tell as I have none pending.

The reviews needed doing appear on the home screen of the app.

This happened to me a few months ago. At least two guests came and went with no way to review. Both had been very friendly and so I wrote to them through the Airbnb system and said “I would love to give you a 5-star review but the Airbnb website isn’t giving me the option”. They wrote back and said it wasn’t working on their side either. Then a few days later I got the dashboard notice and was able to leave a review. It must just be a software glitch, but it annoys me that there is no “manual” way to go find the option and that you have to wait for the system to activate.

Hi Artemis,
Yes, definitely some kind of glitch.
I’ve tried ALL the above advice there simply isn’t a way to over-ride this.
I’ll have to contact Airbnb direct today as both guests I know had a great time here too.
Thanks for your response… L

Thanks KEn… I think it’s a glitch… the message still appears even when I click reviews by you… will call air today :slight_smile:

I’m having this problem too, so I’d be grateful if you could report back.

This happened to me as well the same way. Airbnb is just glitchy sometimes.