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No review for guest


If a guest does a review of my property and I do not provide a review for the guest, will the guest’s review be posted? I just had a guest that I was not real happy with but would rather just not write a review than say anything negative.


Yes, your guest review will be posted at the 14 day mark. So you prefer for another host to have a bad experience with this guest than to forewarn them? Would have accepted this guest if it had a factual review?


Thank you for your message. The guest booked using instant book - and I think she may have been under 25, my age requirement. I do not see an age on the profiles. The guests did make a bit of a mess in the bedroom but everything cleaned up with a bit of extra work, and no permanent damage. She did take the garbage out and locked up after checking out, and they did not have a party. I just do not have anything positive to say about the guest, unlike most of my guests.


Please write a review! I’ve gotten bad guests and I know hosts before were too nice to say something. I used to not leave reviews for guests who weren’t great but realized that’s not fair to the next host. You don’t have to be mean but state the facts.

Example: “Jane and her friends were nice guests, but they checked out late and did not follow the house rules. Blah blah blah was left messy, etc.”

I like to say one nice thing before I start pointing out all the not so nice things haha.

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It doesn’t seem from your respond that your guest was a bad guest or broke any house rules. More like they weren’t the great guests you had in the past. But would you host her again?

Something as simple as " X stayed in my home in (your city) … that’s it. or add information about “Was she a good communicator (super important),” “a bit messy but no damages.”

I always recommend for us to write our city on the review just in case someone looks at that person’s profile and they might want to come to your city.

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Rod, if she doesn’t review, just leave sleeping dogs lie. Because you writing one could prompt her into dumping a bad one on you, when she might not have planned to do that at all. If you really want to say something, wait until the last minute. But as I have said before, not every guest deserves a review. And I am really over all the reminders too… “Leave a review for Rod! It will only take a coule of minutes!!!”


Sorry Rod, I misunderstood. I thought she was unhappy with you. Just saying something basic like “x stayed here” really does say something. I stayed at a place once that was so-so and was amused to see the guests after me saying things like ‘it’s okay’ or ‘we stayed here’ and that’s it. These messages spoke volumes in their own way.

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I also have a question about reviews. In several discussion strings here it has been recommended to leave a negative review in the last minute. Why so? I thought that once you have written your review, you can’t alter it, even if the other party’s review might make you want to do so. Also, how much time do I have to write the review? I usually write it right away as I get back home after having hosted a guest.

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Writing one first can prompt the other party to write a bad review even when they were not intending to. If you both had a less than satisfactory stay, or you are getting that vibe that they aren’t enjoying it… Don’t leave a review first! If you really want to say something about a bad guest, wait until the last minute…then they won’t have the chance to respond. If they’ve already written something that last minute advice doesn’t apply and you can just let it fly.

For instance, I had the guest from hell Jennifer. She knew I was not happy with her so she did not leave me a review but the 14-day period was still active. I was in the process of claiming on damage, and that’s stressful…but still no review of me from Jennifer. The Air rep was encouraging me to write a review of this bad guest (who did other things besides break the table) for the good of the community and I hesitated. So then she told me about the last minute thing. So At 9:58 Hawaii time I cut and pasted my long scathing review and at 9:59 I hit submit and bam, Jennifer gets a profile ruining review and can’t leave me one in return. No one will ever rent to that stupid party girl ever again and good riddance.

Good trick.

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I assume my guest left a good review, she told me she loved the place. I just had reservations about her as a guest maybe being under age (instant book), and she had a new profile on Air. She made a bit of a mess although it may not have been intentional - (lot of blood - I do not want to go into details).

I also did not know if Air would post a negative review of a guest - because I think the company just wants money from the guests - and pushes the hosts to be perfect and cheap to promote the companies interests.


where can I see how much time I have left to leave a review?


You should be getting reminders from Air. But if you are unsure about the last minute cut off hour – midnight in guest time zone-- call Air to get that time for the guest that you want to leave a last minute review for.

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