No problems after 3 summers

I’m going on my 3td summer. I only rent by the week in the summer. My house has 125’ of water frontage on a lake in New Hampshire. The checkin is Saturday at 12 and the check out is the following Saturday at 11. The quests are required to clean the house before they leave. I’ve had about 20 Airbnb quests ( still have private also ) and 98% have been excellent a couple of minor issues. I live 2 hours away but meet the new quests every Saturday and spend 1 hour with them explaining everything, this makes them feel welcome and they are thankful. I also send a text on Tuesday asking is there ok. The personal touch goes a long way


Thank you, @Pineriver. It would be very easy reading posts here to think that being a host is a dreadful business to be in but I agree with you. It’s an excellent business and it’s a lot of fun.

I’ve been hosting since 1980 (not with Airbnb in those days of course!) and I agree with you that the personal touch is the way to go. I’d say that 99.9% of my guests have been lovely :slight_smile:


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How are we to read your reviews @Pineriver?

I agree with @jaquo most hosts have mainly positive experiences . I have only had one awful experience in four years with hundreds of guests.

When you say your guests are required to clean the house before they leave does that mean you don’t clean the house between lettings yourself @Pineriver?

Correct. This part of New Hampshire is not very populated with business. I just found a women who does house cleaning, it took me 4 years to find one. Plus this is the standard way it’s done for rental property everybody knows it and conforms to it.

Four years to find a cleaner @Pineriver - wow - you must live in an area with incredibly high employment for there to be so few cleaners. Here in my small city there are literally thousands.

For me I certainly wouldn’t give up my precious holiday time to spend the time needed - likely 5 hours or more to get a house in the condition needed plus having to wash and iron bedding and towels - but if you have guests willing to do this to the standards you need - good for you.

You told us in an earlier post @Pineriver we should read your reviews - how are we meant to do this?