No pay out three days after check in, normal?

This is my first time hosting through Air Bnb which I found out to be totally not trust worthy and we should all be alert.

My payout method is bank deposit which has been verified by bank because I can see Air Bnb has deposited one cent to my account successfully with a verified status. However my account status stays at pending verification all the time without change. No pay out was sent 2 days after check in.

I first could not find the contact information on their web site until Google the web. When I got hold of their representative, the answer is “your account is still pending verification”. So I asked him why and how can we resolve the issue, the reply is he will keep an eye on my account to see when will the status change. Is this an answer ? I can see the account status myself, why do I need him to watch the status for me? I need him to help me change the status, but that is the best answer I can get. So, there is nothing I can do but waiting for their mercy? What a terrible scam that just imagine how much money they are holding not paying out to people and we have no way to get the money out from them. Terrible business practices!

I’m paid by PayPal and have never had a problem (2 years and 120 guests). Since this is your first booking maybe it takes a bit longer going to a bank. Wait another day or two then check again.

Yeah I agree with @KKC

also depending where you are in the world depends on how Air pays you - here in the UK I don’t see the money until four days after I get the email from Air saying the money has been released and this does not include weekends. so, for a guest who stays say, Friday night, I get the released funds email Saturday night - I won’t see the money until by the latest Thursday.

I use paypal and have never had a problem almost 1 year and about 60 guests later. Hang in there - airbnb is actually quite a good company.

And welcome.

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Hear hear responders - my first payout (bank deposit) took quite a while but it has been improving ever since :smile:

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Thanks for all the reply, very encouraging.
But if you search web, similar complain are all over the world continuously.
So, maybe you guys are luckier?:slight_smile:

I still could not agree that this is a good company no matter if I will get my money at the end or not.
Because the way their customer service replied and how they stated in their policy art just totally against reality and fishy. If you told people you will release their payment 24 hours after check in, then that is what you should do, otherwise, there should be a reason or notify hosts why you can’t release the fund.
So far, people are kept in dark how they handle the money and where they put the money, mostly, why they don’t release fund in time, this is totally unacceptable.
What can I do if they never payout? By the way, I am in USA.

could you please share with me how long did it take before you got your payout? thanks very much.

My longest wait was 4 days - including a weekend, I never get a deposit over a weekend. I’m in New Zealand. I almost always receive the money 24 hours after the ‘payout email’.
Becoming an AirBnB host has changed my lifestyle and well being for the better on a grand scale. The (almost) passive income is wonderful, I get to promote my gorgeous country every day and have an endless stream of wonderful, kind and interesting individuals coming through my home.
My advice to you would be that, if you are as uncertain as you sound about AirBnB, it may be wise to use a different platform that won’t cause you so much anxiety. Life’s too short!


I think maybe you should call them again

In my opinion they don’t keep us in the dark about the money side of things …


Agree. We have been hosting for 6+ years and never had to fight to get payouts. Yes, sometimes they may take a day or two longer, but they always come.

I might’ve missed it but what exact timeframe are we talking about @Lisa? What date did your guest check in?

I agree with the others. Airbnb are very reliable with payment. 2 years and $130 guests. No problems

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Thanks to all my kind fellow hosts who offered your experience.
I just got my payout, it’s two days late than what it should be. But at least it comes.
I will keep my eyes on the next one to more define my experience.

Thanks again. You are so kind to share your positive perspectives.

What should it normally be??